Accuride Drawer Slides (39683)

History of Accuride drawer slides:

Holding dozens of patents for their drawer slide technology, Accuride has become a renowned manufacturer of all types of slides for both high end cabinet makers, as well as industrial manufacturers such as toolbox companies MAC Tools who depend on Accuride drawer slides to provide the strong, but smooth glide of their drawers that make them such a quality product. Although they are based out of Sante Fe Springs California, Accuride had a plant in Charlotte North Carolina that closed its doors in 2001 due to an "influx of cheap asian-made products." Business has since been booming, however, in their California factory with over 500 employees. Accuride drawer slides have been manufactured with high quality ball bearing technology since 1962.

Benefits of a ball bearing drawer slide:

There are three primary types of drawer slides, sometimes called drawer runners. There are the traditional (and less expensive) wheel or roller slides. These are what you'll most likely find on cheap furniture drawers from places like IKEA, Target or Walmart. There is nothing wrong with them, they just feel "cheaper" and have a short life span.

The second type of drawer slide is a wood slide built directly into the drawer by the furniture maker. You'll usually find this type of mechanism on antique furniture, or antique replications of furniture by custom wood workers. There is something to be said of the nostalgic simplicity of the design, however it is limiting in the fact that it must be greased to maintain smooth operation. Additionally, it does not offer any of the new developments in drawer glide technology like full extension, self closing, and soft close features.

The third and highest quality drawer glide is the type of technology Accuride drawer slides use. Ball bearing drawer slides offer consistent and even weight distribution of the drawer over the slide. This means the drawer will not grind or rub against the slide or cabinet on the way out. Additionally you will notice that the energy needed to pull out the drawer is equally distributed. It is not more difficult to start opening the drawer than it is in the middle of the slide. Most high end custom cabinet makers use ball bearing drawer slides like Accuride drawer slides because of the smooth and quality feeling it gives their drawers.

Features of Accuride drawer slides:

Accuride International holds over 60 pattens for all of the technology they have developed creating the highest quality drawer slides available. Some of the features they have designed, you may have never heard of. Some of the most popular and useful solve problems you didn't even know you had.

Full Extension - Full extension drawer slides refer to the number of inches a drawer can extend out of a cabinet. Many ball bearing drawer slides offer "Full Extension" meaning if an Accuride drawer slide is 20" and features full extension, the drawer can come completely out of the cabinet all 20 inches. This makes it easy to access all of the contents of the back of the drawer without having to reach inside the cabinet a few inches to get your things. If a roller slide is 18" and offers 3/4 extension, it can only come out of the cabinet 13.5 inches. Unlike ball bearing drawer slides, most wood drawer slides are not capable of full extension.

Self Close - The self close feature of Accuride drawer slides allows you to simply push a drawer slightly closed, and it will continue to close itself all the way. This feature is rarely used in low grade furniture and is usually reserved for high quality custom cabinetry.

Stay Closed - You may not notice it, but when you slam another drawer in your desk or filing cabinet, other drawers have the tendency to pop open an inch or two. Stay close technology keeps drawers closed unless they are deliberately opened.

Soft Close - Many times, when pushing in a drawer you have a tendency to slam them shut by accident. The soft close technology in Accuride drawer slides stops a drawer just a few inches short of slamming and gently closes itself tight to the cabinet.

Whether you are a custom cabinet maker, or a homeowner looking for a quality drawer slide replacement, Accuride drawer slides are made from the highest quality materials, and should be a requirement in all of your projects.