One of the most popular and well known brands of knife sharpeners in the marketplace is Accusharp. Accusharp have been making high quality knife sharpeners for many years now and manufacture quite a few different models. So let's take a quick look at just three models that are out there in the shops to buy.

Accusharp Knife SharpenerThe first one that we are going to look at is the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener. This sharpener will quickly sharpen a wide variety of bladed tools from straight blades through to serrated knives. Due to its unique design your fingers will be guarded during use with the full length finger guard that is fitted to the sharpener. It sharpens quickly and easily with its diamond honed tungsten cardbide blade.

This knife sharpener is very popular not just for the kitchen, but with fishermen, gardeners and hunters as well. Due to its ergonomic design this is a sharpener that can be used in neither hand. All you need to do, to sharpen is simply place the knife on a flat surface with the cutting edge pointing upwards. Grip the knife handle securely with one hand, then let the V notch on the knife sharpener sit on the blade. Pass the sharpener up and down the blade several times to achieve optimal sharpening. Accusharp knife sharpeners are easily kept clean with soap and water and will not rust ensuring that you get many years of good use. The dimension of the sharpener is 5.5 inches by 0.8 inches by 2.2 inches and it weighs 2.5 pounds.

The second one our list is the Accu Sharp 060 GardenSharp Tool Sharpener. This sharpener is designed to sharpen all those single bladed items that live in your tool shed. Such as pruning shears, lawnmower blades, hoes, shovels and garden knives. This model again as a full length finger guard that helps to protect the fingers during use. The sharpening blade on the sharpener is made from reversible diamond honed tungsten carbide blade, which is going to sharpen your knives and tools perfectly and have them working like new again. The dimensions of this sharpener are 9 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch and it weighs 1.3 pounds.

The third and final one that we are going to look at is the AccuSharp 005 Camo Tool & Knife Sharpener. This model has a safety hand grip which is going prevent cuts during operation. It sharpens quickly using its tungsten carbide blade and will have all those kitchen knifes and garden tools looking and working like new. This accusharp knife sharpener also has a fantastic camouflage design on it, that looks so modern and trendy. So if you are looking for fantastic knife sharpeners that are high quality and cheap, then you definitely need to take a closer look at accusharp products. There are lots of other brands out there, but none of these sharpeners come close to accusharp, plus they will cost you a lot more money to buy.