The Art Of Goal Setting

To achieve success in life, the most important thing is to set goals, have an action plan to carry it out, and then reviewing your progress from time to time.

Goal Setting.

Of course, the first step is to set your goals. The goals can be in the form of personal goals, career goals, financial goals, and so on. Identify a clear goal based on your interests and priorities. Next, set aside a realistic time frame for you to achieve your goals. It helps to define (in the form of a paragraph) your desired outcome with complete understanding and clarity.

Strategize and Take Action.

After setting the goal, next up is to develop strategies on how to achieve it. The strategy should be as realistic as possible, and neither over-estimating nor underestimating your personal ability to accomplish the goal.

What’s most important that comes after is the courage to TAKE ACTION. The first step of taking action is the most important; it’s the force that gets your momentum going.

Break it Down to Smaller Steps.

As you are envisioning the end result of your goal, it can be overwhelming to realize the amount of things you need to do. Thus, it is beneficial for you to break down the bigger goal into smaller goals. The moment you break it down into smaller goals, it becomes easier to achieve because you just need to focus on one small step.

Keep on completing small steps and the end result of the goal will come to you naturally.

Identify Sticking Points.

There will definitely be sticking points along the way of reaching your goals. As such, identifying and solving the sticking points will easily speed up the process, as you’ll know where you’re going wrong, and also how to get around the problem.

The most common sticking points that most people have, are self-limiting beliefs that they CANT do it. Just by that fact, it seriously limits one’s potential to be able to achieve so much more.

Stay Focused.

Do not be distracted or deviate from your goal. Keep reminding yourself as to WHY you want to achieve the goal. There is no point in giving up halfway and moving on to something else. Ask yourself why you chose that specific goal in the first place.

Review Progress.

The best way to review progress is to keep a journal. We often lose track of important things that requires consistency, Record down your progress in the notebook journal everyday.

Review your progress from time to time, check your current progress and find out what else is lacking that you need to do. As you review your progress, envision in the future where you have successfully accomplished your goal, and be motivated by how it makes you feel.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail.

Failure is a phase that everyone will undergo, regardless of whatever it is they are doing. Do not be too disheartened when you experience failure, especially when you are just starting out. Keep in mind the mistakes that can be seen as a learning opportunity, and benefit from it.

Goal setting is an extremely powerful process used to envision your ideal future. It helps in giving you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It puts your focus into your goal and helps you organize your time and resources so you’re able to get the most out of YOUR life.