I’ve been very busy running my life following the usual norms of the society. I wasn’t aware that I was already being governed by the thinking that I should be going with the flow. I have to do what others do. Most of my decisions were based on our society. I could consider myself successful in my chosen field but the point in my life came that I felt depressed and incomplete. I was seeking for inner peace. I wanted to have that peace of mind to be truly happy.

I know that I am not the only one that has experienced this. There are too many things that may affect our inner feelings. Most of us ignore this feeling thinking that it’s just one of those days, or it’s just being emotional. But give it some thought, why does that feeling occur again and again? Maybe I am right in saying that you may also lack that peace of mind.

I have learned things to have this peace of mind. These may just be things that one can say that is too simple and that anyone can do. But what makes it hard is that we are too preoccupied with so many things that are so complex that we forget to live by these simple things.


  • Seek for your inner peace. Knowing that you lack peace of mind will help you in evaluating your life, on what’s wrong or missing.


  • Acceptance is very important in achieving peace of mind. Learn to accept things as they are. Accept what cannot be changed. Things may happen not on how we want it to be. Though it’s hard, what we can do is accept things in a positive manner and everything will be lighter even if you’re in a negative circumstance.


  • Having contentment in my life with all that I have was another factor for me to gain that inner peace. Don’t be jealous of anybody. Set life goals for yourself and not just for competing with anybody else who has achieved more than you.


  • Forgive and forget is a well known line that we should live by. Ill feelings for your self and others cause that hurt within you.


  • Live on the present. Forget unpleasant memories from the past, learn from it, but you don’t have to immerse yourself into it your whole life.


  • Prayer is really a big help. Some may call it meditation, but what ever you may call it, this will really change your life.


Happiness in your life can be brought by that inner peace. The peace in your inner self may exude that it may also affect the people around you in a positive way.

Inner Peace
Credit: www.sxc.hu