One of the most useful things I have learned at university is the so called Pareto Law. This entails that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. You can implement this in all areas of your life. It helps you to focus on the things that really matter and discard the rest. In this article I will give some useful examples of how you can implement the Pareto Law yourself.


In bodybuilding, there are three important ingredients for success: Intensive training, good nutrition and rest. Supplements are more or less redundant. Furthermore there are three exercises that are the most important: Bench press, Deadlift and Squats. These three exercises will achieve 80% of the results you want out of bodybuilding.


In businesses, you usually see that only 20% of the clients make up for 80% of the revenue earned in a year. All other customers are relatively small and insignificant in comparison. Therefore it would be more useful and less time consuming to focus on that 20% of customers that bring 80% of revenue.


The Pareto Law can also be applied to university courses. At most universities the professors only ask general principles that were discussed during lectures and were displayed on Power point slides. Furthermore it is always useful to have a look at past exams. In most cases, the only two things you will need to achieve a good grade, is reading the past exams and paying attention in class.


There exist tons of supplements that pretend to make you more healthy, fit or energetic. However, most of them are garbage and will have no effect. Therefore it is recommended to only purchase the following supplements:

  • Multivitamin
  • Goji berries
  • Argan oil

Moreover drink lots of water. This is very important to cleanse your body and to get a clearer skin. Lastly, be sure to avoid junk foods such as French fries and hamburgers.


The Pareto Law can be applied in almost any endeavor in life. It helps if you analyze and write down for yourself, what you think are the most important aspects in your chosen area of life to succeed. Then focus on these important aspects (the 20%) to achieve optimal results with minimal efforts.