It's Your Thinking That Decides Your FutureCredit: Henry FordCredit: Henry Ford

Is it possible to achieve your goals with power of subconscious mind?

Look deep into the secrets of success of the wealthy, powerful, and famous men. Was this success they own by chance or accidents? Is there a secret formula for success? Can you learn the secret to achieving goals and success?

The answer to these very questions and many more can be explained through one simple process: the ability of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can become a driving force in achieving goals in your personal and professional life. The difficulty in having this happened is determining how to allow your subconscious mind to get access to your daily activities to create change.

If one were to simply Google 'the power of the subconscious mind', the results that you would find will deal with the metaphysical aspects of mind-control and hypnosis. Chances are, you will also see the integration of prayer and religion into these discussions. How do you, as the novice, know which avenue to pursue?

There are many clinical studies that present the benefits of a positive attitude, both medicinally and personally. You have heard laughter is contagious. Is this positive attitude simply enough to spark the change into your subconscious mind?

Simply put, the subconscious mind can become one of the most powerful instruments of change. This tool, your mind if you will, contains the sum of the knowledge of every day you have been alive. These sum components of your existence have been generated through the conscious actions your mind has taken. Each day, whether a good day or bad, has made its mark upon your subconscious mind. Unknowingly, you may be the reason why you are not achieving goals you set. You may have set the stage for failures; your personal perceptions on these failures have contaminated your ego and continue to deprive you from the success you want and deserve.

Once you have been able to embrace the fact your actions have prohibited you from achieving goals, the first step - a giant leap - has taken place. You are free to open your conscious mind and determine the next major steps in creating a conscious self-perception based upon fact and logic instead of emotions and fear.

While there are various techniques you can use including mind-control, hypnosis, therapy, prayer and religion, or many of the 13 step programs, the important thing to establish is some form of self-affirmation that drives you each and every day. The nature of self-affirmation is not to prevent the mistakes and errors you make each day; the purpose of self-affirmation is to let your conscious and subconscious minds realize that you will make mistakes and that mistakes happen to everyone. Self-affirmation will allow you to know and recognize that you are better than what you are here and now; you are able to grow into a stronger more capable person.

As you begin to change your focus to achieving goals, you have to overcome the challenge of your conscious mind. You have to use the conscious actions and decision you do daily to mold your subconscious mind into achieving more. One thing is obvious; the subconscious mind can help you in achieving goals if you simply allow it to.