Get The Body You Want By Following These Steps

Fitness and workout DVDs that allow people to work out in the privacy of their own homes have become big business around the world, especially in the United States.  The home fitness workout industry generates billions of dollars per year.  One popular program, p90x, has reportedly sold more than 3 million copies.

Some of the most popular at-home workout programs include: P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire, and the Biggest Loser.  Most of these programs have one thing in common: cardio combined with weight training.   Combining cardio and weight training has been scientifically proven to burn more calories and produce faster results than performing cardio or weight training separately.

One of the biggest problems for people who purchase these videos is consistency.  The fundamentals and routines in these videos do produce great results; however, many busy people fail to complete the programs for various reasons.  Most programs may last anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you reach your at-home fitness goals:


When completing some of these rigorous workouts, you’re going to be tired and you’re going to be sore.  Everyone goes through this over the course of a fitness program.  The people who show up every day and complete the workouts are the ones who will be rewarded in the end.


In order to get the results you are seeking, you must make a schedule and stick to it.  An average workout may last from 30 to 60 minutes.  Set aside time each day to complete your workout without distractions.  If you’re schedule is completely filled, wake up an hour earlier each day and workout.  Excuses and complaints don’t lead to results.


The most important piece of any workout puzzle is your diet.  Less than 5% of your day will involve working out while the remaining 95% will be making smart diet choices and decisions.  It doesn’t matter how many sit ups you do, you’ll never get those washboard abs if you spend your day eating junk food.


The easiest way to ensure that you’re eating a nutritious diet is to prepare meals in advance.  If you’re making a high quality meal for dinner, why not make a little extra for lunch the next day?  Keep a calendar of meals or recipes on your refrigerator to track what meals you need to prepare. 


After a week or two of working out you may start to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?  I’m not seeing any results.”  Remember, completing a workout program is like a marathon, not a sprint.  It may be many weeks before you start to see or feel any noticeable results.  But if you stick with it, the results will come.  As P90x creator Tony Horton says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your body.”


It’s no one’s fault if you fail to complete your workout program except your own.  You must make the decision to change and fight until the end.  Take one day at a time and don’t look too far into the future.  Ninety days may seem like a long time, but if you focus on today, time will fly by as the pounds melt away.


Supplements can be a great way to accelerate results while also providing energy and improving recovery during a fitness program.  Supplements like protein, creatine, or fat-loss pills may be the answer you’re looking for.  You should always consult your doctor prior to taking supplements.  For more information, talk to a knowledgeable person at a nutrition store or seek more information online. 


Staying motivated can be an important key to success.  There will be days where you have no motivation to work out and would rather sit on the couch and watch television.  One way to stay motivated is to work out with a friend or family member.  That way you can keep each other motivated during the long haul.  If one person is unmotivated, the other can pick that person up and hold them accountable.

According to motivational speaker Tony Robbins, “In order to get motivated, you must first get disturbed.”  What does that mean?  Have you ever seen a photo of yourself with your shirt off or in a bikini and said, “I look terrible, I have to lose some weight.”  We all have at one point or another.  That moment is disturbing.  Keep that photo out where you can see it on a regular basis and you’ll be disturbed enough to take action. 


In order to get the results you’re really after, you’ll need to track your progress.   If you’re going to the trouble of working out every day, you might as well keep track of your progress and try to improve each workout to get in supersonic shape.  If you use the same amount of weight and do the same number of repetitions every day for a month, you’re body will adjust and won’t evolve into the body you want.  If you completed 10 reps with 20 pounds last week, try 10 reps with 25 pounds this week.  These changes force your body to adapt while getting stronger and burning more calories.

Be consistent, stick with it, and take one day at a time and at the end of your fitness program you’ll feel and look fantastic while being overcome with a sense of accomplishment and pride in your hard work.

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