Have you ever been in a relationship where you couldn’t trust your partner or they felt like they couldn’t trust you?  I am sure that your relationship didn’t start out like that.  In the beginning you went through the honeymoon phase and everything was peaches and cream.  Then reality set in within a couple of months and you began to recognize the flaws in your relationship.  Perhaps your mate has a good friend of the opposite sex or likes to go out with his buddies a lot.  You may have grown tired of these activities and this can sow seeds of discord within your budding relationship.  Those seeds of discord can eventually blossom into trust issues that can ultimately end your relationship.  How can you avoid this scenario and achieve a healthy trusting relationship?  It’s easy if you follow some easy pointers.

First of all, understand where distrust comes from.  This means that when you first recognize the seeds of discord are being sown, you should take a step back and examine the cause.  Is your mate exhibiting behavior that is new and you did not know about in the beginning of the relationship?  Is this behavior something that your mate has enjoyed from the beginning, but now you are having a change of heart about it?  These are two very important questions to ask.  As a relationship progresses and feelings grow, things that were acceptable in a casual relationship may become unacceptable in a more committed relationship.  Once you and your mate recognize where the distrust is coming from, then you can work on your relationship and come to an understanding. 

The second point in achieving a healthy and trusting relationship is to not over think things.  Most women are good at over thinking relationships, scenarios, and the list goes on and on.  If your mate tells you what is going on, don’t read into what they are saying.  Usually if they tell you something, then that is what they mean.  Also, if you over think the relationship and what is going on with it, this can lead to distrust and ultimately a parting of ways.  No one wants to be repeatedly questioned about what they are doing or not doing.  They also don’t want to be questioned about something they said or second guessed on something that you are over thinking.  This can just lead to trouble, arguments, and stress to the relationship. 

As you can see, the main points of achieving a healthy and trusting relationship are buried in reflection by understanding where the distrust comes from and by not over thinking things.  These culprits if allowed to run rampant in a relationship can and will result in a relationship imploding.  The results can be devastating depending upon where you are in your relationship.  A relatively new relationship may just break down, but trust issues in an established relationship can lead to infidelity, emotional breakdown, and break up of a family if you’re married.  Meeting these obstacles head on can save your relationship or prove to you that may be it is time to move on.