What are some acid reflux throat symptoms? Acid reflux is a condition that forces acid from your stomach into your esophagus and is a common problem for many people. The condition can cause irritation in your throat and a burning sensation which is commonly called heartburn. The disease usually occurs after a heavy meal but certain foods are major triggers for some people. Some common foods that cause reflux include cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, fatty fried foods, chocolate, and tomatoes. These foods are usually best avoided by those who suffer from this condition. It's these acid causing foods that aggravate the acid reflux and make the condition worse. In this article we'll look at some of the throat symptoms of acid reflux and what you can do to lessen the occurrence of this condition and begin to feel better again.

Acid Reflux Heartburn

 The most common symptom of acid reflux is what is called heartburn. This is a burning sensation on your throat and chest are and can be very mild or quite severe depending upon how extreme your acid reflux is. Heartburn can occur right after eating or can strike at anytime during the day. People with acid reflux may experience heartburn when they wake up. Medications can be used to eliminate heartburn or decrease the severity of it so sleep and eating is more comfortable for the person suffering from the condition.

Problems In the Throat

 Another common symptom of acid reflux is throat conditions such as hoarseness or mild coughing. The patient may experience the feeling of a lump in the throat or some difficulty is swallowing. Other people may experience as chronic sore throat. In other cases nausea can be present or even vomiting in extreme cases. Another common symptom is coughing due to the blocked throat. Most throat condition tend to be mild but it all depends on how the reflux condition of each individual.

Dealing With Symptoms – Diet

 Acid reflux can be controlled or even eliminated with a proper diet designed to reduce acid causing foods. In general all vegetables with the exception of tomatoes and onions are good for a acid reducing diet. Whole grains can help with acid reflux and so can fruit except for citrus fruits. Drinking plenty of water can help keep acid out of the throat and dilute the intensity of the reflux. The patient should keep a food diary and write down the foods that cause their acid reflux since it can vary from individual to individual. Reducing or eliminating these acid causing foods in the diet can make a big difference in the reflux for the patient.

Weight Loss

 Acid reflux can be controlled with weight loss. A person who is overweight can cause pressure on their stomach which forces acid up into the esophagus. A weight reduction program can help the person eliminate or control their acid reflux condition. Combining this with diet is the best way to control reflux in a natural way.


 There are many medications on the market that can help the person deal with acid reflux conditions. These medications don't address the underlying problem so they should only be taken when needed. All other steps such as diet and exercise should be addressed first before medication is used. Medication can help a person sleep if acid reflux is keeping them awake at night with conditions such as heartburn.

You Can Control Acid Reflux

By combining an acid reducing diet with exercise and some medication when needed you can control or eliminate acid reflux. If the condition becomes severe or is chronic a doctor should be consulted.