Taking care of your skin is not just about looking good. The state of health of your skin can say a lot about your over all health as well. After all, the skin is the largest organ and it also needs the tender loving care your other body parts and organs need.

One of the most common skin problems of Asians is acne. It is especially more prevalent in the stages of puberty and teenage years. Acne care for Asian skin is not too different from any other races be it Caucasians, African-Americans, etc. All skin needs basically the same care and attention.

What do you need to do to take care of your skin and keep it acne free?

First and foremost is to keep your skin clean all the time. Dirt clogs up your pores and can become a breeding ground for microorganisms that causes acne. Neglect this and you will end up with a full blown acne infection that can result into nasty scarring that can become a source of emotional stress especially to a teenager.

Second is in the lifestyle and diet. It is a cliché but it is true that you are what you eat. Eating stuff that has too much oil and sugar can increase the chances of acne and other premature skin aging problems. Junk foods are the usual culprit. So a healthy diet rich in vitamins and water will give the opposite effect of junk food and will give you a lot of natural defense against skin infection. Getting adequate exercise is also recommended because sweating is one of the best natural skin cleaning agent.

Third is the effort you give to protect your skin against the UV rays of the skin which is one of the worst things that can hit your skin. Putting on adequate sun screens whenever you go out in the sun for long periods will go a long way in preserving the healthy state of your skin so it can efficiently function. UV rays destroys the skin's optimum structure to keep it looking young and healthy (this is why many new anti aging treatments incorporate sun protection formulas in their programs).

Fourth is in what you do when you do get skin acne. Avoid touching pimples and never ever pop a pimple unless it is your dermatologist doing it. This avoids getting your skin infected which could lead to worse problems and severe scarring. You may try applying honey on your acne to prevent scarring but remember that this falls under the category of alternative medicines and hence are not yet fully explored scientifically but only has anecdotal proof of efficacy.

Acne care for Asian skin should not be too different from acne care for other races. It should be based on sound skin care practices and habits. Of course, it always best to consult a professional and licensed dermatologist to be on the safe side.