How to get rid of acne conglobata

Different types of acne

Acne Treatment Products That WorkWhat is Acne Conglobata?

Frequently manifesting concurrently with other acne forms, Acne conglobata most frequently occurs in men. This particular form of acne creates more scars, is more painful and is more difficult to treat effectively.

Who gets it?

This condition is thought to be related to the hormone testosterone and thus more common in males than females. In addition, those that have an overload of androgens can also suffer with the condition. It is also sometimes linked to abuse of anabolic steroids. Often, after the end of testosterone therapy, the body attempts to recalibrate the endocrine system and this condition may occur.

Causes of this type of acne

Frequently, this condition is associated with other pre-existing forms of the skin condition. The primary catalyst seems to be the presence of a high level of androgens, often brought on by any number of prAcne Treatment Products For Sensitive Skinecursors, including: male puberty, tumors that release androgens, steroid abuse and testosterone therapy.

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Effects to acne sufferer

This particular form of the skin condition is responsible for some of the worst types of scaring. The scars may result in small pits in the completion as well as raised scaring.

Seriousness of this skin condition

The person with this skin condition should see a professional for an examination if possible. Since the particular ailment is rooted in the endocrine system and an imbalance of hormones, and because the lesions caused by this variety are more likely to cause scars than other types, it is necessary to begin aggressive treatment quickly. The lesions are more likely to rupture which also increases the likelihood that they become infected, causing further complications that should not be ignored. The good news is that the condition is not considered life threatening.

Acne Conglobata treatment

Options for acne conglobata treatment often depend on the severity of the infection. The prescription Roaccutane (or its generic form isotreitonin) is the catch-all cure for many such problems. Since eah case differs and this medication does have some risks making it unsuitable for certain individuals, laser treatment is also used. In addition, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics to be used along with other treatments, keeping down the formation of pus, known to make lesions worse.

How to identify this acne type?

The problem is first seen as blackheads, often clustered together in twos or fours. These blackheads then develop into pimples which will eventually fill with fluid to the point of rupturing. The rupture triggers the immune response of the body to fill the formation with pus, which can cause subsequent rupturing. With each rupture, tBest Acne Treatment Products For Teenagershe area grows larger. Several lesions might fuse to cover even more area and result in even worse scaring. The lesions may scab over as they expand, creating even more embarrassment for the sufferer.

Do I have the condition?

Acne conglobata is identifiable by the prior description. With all skin ailments, it is important that the sufferer visit a dermatologist who can provide proper diagnosis, along with a treatment plan and prescribe medication that helps to prevent the formation of scars.