How to get rid of acne cosmetica

Different types of acne

What is Acne Cosmetica?

Acne Cosmetica TreatmentAcne cosmetica used to be quite a common form of acne. Any diagnosis of this acne condition was believed to be brought on by the use of cosmetics. This used be more common decades ago but nowadays makeup is made to be much less irritating and kinder to skin. With the use of older cosmetics pores would be prone to clogging and would cause whiteheads and blackheads which would appear on the skin. Outbreaks would be usual, unless the wearer had particularly resilient skin or the skin was kept bone-dry. If a person has acne it is more likely -  that they will attempt to cover it with more make-up, prolonging the problem and making it worse.

It is still believed by many that cosmetics cause acne, but the reformulation of cosmetics generally has made them much safer and kinder to skin. The Effective Acne Treatment For Sensitive Skincondition can still be acquired today and probably will always occur in some people who wear make-up but usually it is due to the overuse of cosmetics, using make-up improperly, leaving it on overnight or by using too much.

This is no longer a common diagnosis but does still present. To be clear, acne cosmetica specifically refers to cases of acne caused by make-up, not by acne that is made significantly worse by wearing cosmetics. Acne is usually named by what exacerbates it, for instance; tropical acne is caused by a tropical climate. The diagnosis of acne cosmetica is much rarer now. Many teenagers suffer from acne that is made worse by make-up; it is more usual that cosmetics can make acne worse but is much rarer for cosmetics to cause acne.

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Who is prone to this condition?Most Effective Acne Treatment For Men

If you do not use cosmetics then you will not get this condition, if you wear make-up then this affliction could affect you. If you use make-up regularly, you are more susceptible. If a person reapplies make-up several times per day they are actually less likely to get the condition, as they are more likely to cleanse their faces between applications and to care for their skin properly.

This skin affliction occurs in people who misuse make-up or just fail to take good care of their skin. If make-up is applied later in the day and applied more than once, they are more likely to get the condition. Other factors can include individuals who have more active sebaceous glands, but these individuals are more prone to any type of acne. Inflamed pores also make the skin more vulnerable to the condition and if this is the case make-up should be avoided until the swollen pores have been treated. People who already have acne cannot contract this condition, if an acne condition worsens through use of make-up; the condition is still the pre-existing one, not acne cosmetica.

What causes the condition?

This condition is caused by cosmetics clogging the sebaceous glands in the skin which in turn cause an acne outbreak. It is basically accelerating the normal processes, blackheads and whiteheVery Effective Acne Treatmentads occur when sebaceous fluids build up behind the barrier of keratin in the skin. Acne cosmetica occurs when the pores have become blocked.

As stated, this condition is much rarer today, but does still occur. As a rule cheaper make-up that is manufactured to lower standards is more likely to cause trouble than better-tested, more reliable brands. This is not true of every lower priced make-up manufactured but it is a good guideline for a sufferer of this kind of acne to follow. The better brands are less likely to cause the condition. It is important to note that different skin types have different sensitivities; it is quite possible that a sufferer may use one cheap brand and be fine and then a have a near allergic outbreak to another cheap brand. This is due to the different components used in different cosmetics.

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What are the results of the condition?

As with other forms of acne, acne cosmetica can cause infection and scarring. If the acne is picked, excoriated or scratched the risks of long term damage to the skin are increased. Acne cosmetica is not much different from other forms of acne, therefore does not have any other effects.

How serious is the condition?

This condition is not particularly serious and is never life threatening. The greatest dangers are sMost Effective Acne Treatment For Teenagersecondary such as; the infection and scarring that can result from excoriation of pustules or scratching. The occurrence of acne cosmetica is usually just a sign to the individual to change their make-up brand or habits.

What is the right acne solution for the condition?

This condition is first treated by removing the patient from the cause of the acne. This means that they should immediately stop using their current cosmetics which are the cause of the outbreak. This condition is not so much treated as resolved by changing habits such as; a different brand of make-up and cleansing the skin should fix the problem. The acne itself can be treated with isotreitonin or antibiotics or a combination of the two. Isotreitonin is usually used in severe cases.

If you are worried that you may have this type of acne you should consult your doctor or skin specialist and you can then get treatment. If you suspect that your make up is causing your skin to suffer, change your make-up brand and always ensure that you cleanse your face after using make-up, this will stop pores clogging and exacerbating the problem. Good cosmetic habits and clean skin should ensure that you do not get acne from make-up usage.