Without being aware of the future consequences, we often end up making some poor lifestyle and diet choices. The results of poor or imbalanced diet are not only limited to chronic illnesses but also various embarrassing and inconvenient health conditions – with acne topping the list. When you are unhealthy inside, it shows in the form of acne, and acne diet cure is perhaps the only choice for many acne patients.

It is not rare to find acne sufferers getting frustrated with acne cure products like creams, lotions and ointments. They spend thousands of dollars in such therapies, only to realize later that it is their diet that they have to change. As an acne sufferer, you already know that the main cause behind an acne breakout is excessive oil on the skin surface clogging the skin pores. Coupled with it, the pores are also filled with dead skin cells. Poor food choices cause a toxin buildup in the body, which the liver, the cleansing organ is incapable of removing. All the toxins accumulated in the body finally show up on the skin, in the form of acne and other skin disorders. Therefore the primary aim of any acne cure program is to ensure that the body as well as the skin is free from toxins and excess oil. Hence acne diet cure ought to include food items which help in body cleansing. Here are some healthy food options to help you with your acne diet cure efforts:

  • It is imperative that you include fibrous foods as part of your diet control program. Two foods that provide abundant fiber are apples and psyllium husk, a bulk forming laxative. Both these foods help in the cleansing of the digestive tract removing all accumulated toxins to clean the body as well as the skin surface. No diet effort is complete without the inclusion of fiber supplements.
  • Considering that the liver is one of the most important cleansing organs of the body, you need to take extra care to keep it in good condition. Include beet roots in your daily diet, to optimize the functioning of liver.
  • Viral infection, alcohol and other toxins can do irreparable damage to the liver. Milk thistle in your acne diet efforts can go a long way in saving the liver as well as restoring its optimum state of functioning.
  • One of the perfect diet pimple cure programs is where you reduce the intake of stimulants like caffeine and increase the consumption of water. Though there is no scientific proof of the ill effects of caffeine on acne, it is proved that caffeine causes the blood pressure to go up, resulting in stress. Any kind of stress is bad for acne.
  • When not consumed in massive quantities proteins like fish and lean meat is healthy for your skin and your acne diet cure efforts can include these items. Also consider including some wholesome foods like Romaine lettuce and spinach in your daily diet.