Acne laser treatment is quickly becoming one of the top solutions for people who are suffering from the embarrassment and shame of constant breakouts.  If you have acne, you know that it is significantly more than just a nuisance.  Acne has control over every aspect of your life.  It has the power to keep you from being comfortable in a social setting to a point where it's easier to stay at home and hide. Acne makes its victims feel ugly and unattractive; which, in turn,  leads to insecurity and low self esteem.  Its time to break free from the bondage of acne and take a step towards winning the ongoing battle.

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and is now able to perform all types of miracles that were once thought to be impossible.  With the use of a laser, one visit to the doctor can deliver better results than you had ever experienced with creams or other alternatives.  Out of all the money spent annually worldwide by the millions of people inflicted with acne, laser treatment is becoming a more valid option.  On the surface, the cost (around $500.00) of a visit can seem high.  Think about the astronomical amount you have spent over the years in one futile attempt after another to fight your way through acne to the clear skin underneath.  After a bit of number crunching, and realizing that the high cost of creams and other failed treatments; the prospect of the proven results of a laser seems promising.

There are basically two types of acne laser treatment.  The first class of laser treatment is for acne that is somewhat new, and has not led to scars and other noticeable traces of breakouts.  In this type of treatment, a laser is used to 'melt away' visible pimples, and shrink the glands beneath the skin that are causing the build up of the oil that causes acne.  Some possible side effects to this treatment are redness of skin, chaffing, or a slight feeling of irritation.  These symptoms are generally very mild, and do not even last one week.

The other type of laser treatment is used for acne that has transcended the state of having pimples to a combined state of pimples and scars.  In cases such as these, another type of laser is used to go underneath the skin and promote collagen growth around the affected areas, thus creating a smooth surface that had once seemed impossible.  This same goal has been achieved in the past with more intrusive methods like dermabrasion.  Although doctors still use the more abrasive methods, they are losing popularity to laser treatment; and for obvious reasons.  These types of laser treatments can result in certain side effects like skin discoloration or swelling that disappears within a week.  Alternative treatments have been known to require weeks or months of healing.

Both methods of acne removal by use of a laser have been proven to be effective and .  After one treatment, those who were inflicted by acne witnessed amazing results.  Take a new stance on your war against acne.  Go online and find more about acne laser treatment, and find a provider close to you.