Acne Ice Pick ScarsAcne Pitting

Acne can be a very emotional ailment that leaves behind permanent and devastating scars. This scarring can affect much more than the skin. Self esteem, social ability and emotional well-being is also often affected. The psychological impact is often more harmful than the visual aspect of acne and acne scarring.

Knowing the causes and the proper way to respond to acne can make all the difference in the world.

Treatment for acne is the best scar prevention available for acne scarring.

Taking care of your skin will help to reduce the risk of certain skin ailments. Proper skin care is important for all ages.

What is acne pitting?

Pitted acne or ice pick scars are often referred to as crater acne. While a most unpleasant term for those who suffer with the less than flattering remaining reminder of acne, the term does describe what pitting looks like.

What Causes Pitted Acne?

Most usually, pitting is the result of cystic acne. Cystic acne is regular acne that takes a horrible turn for the worse, ending up as cystic abscesses on the skin. These abscesses last longer than the average outbreak of acne, usually at least a complete month. Eventually, these cysts rupture and then heal leaving pits behind.

While cystic acne is responsible for most acne-related scarring, less severe acne can leave behind scars as well. This usually occurs when acne is picked at, pimples are popped, or acne is squeezed.

How Are Acne Scars Treated?

Not such a long time ago, pitting or any other acne scar was a forever souvenir of the devastation that acne causes. Fortunately, acne scarring is no longer a lifetime wound. There are several basic techniques that are used by today's dermatologists to improve or remove acne scarring.

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion to Treatment of Acne Scars:

Dermabrassion has been used for quite a while to successfully treat acne scarring. It works by removing the top layers through a process very much like sanding. The top layers of the skin are refinished by means of a controlled surgical scrapping.

While the results of dermabrasion are promising with light colored skin, it's not recommended for those with darker skin due to the fact that skin discoloration is possible.

The less invasive, microdermabrasion, can make the skin appear smoother. In cases where very mild scarring is the issue microdermabrasion may also help lessen the appearance of scars, making acne scarring less noticeable. Microdermabrasion is available in spas, cosmetic specialty centers and medical professional's offices. A carefully chosen professional is recommended to perform microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion can cause lasting scarring and disfiguration if done improperly.

Microdermabrasion is best performed by a dermatologist of board certified cosmetic surgeon.

While microdermabrasion is popular, dramatic results should not be expected in the respect of eliminating acne scarring.

Collagen and Fillers Used to Treat Acne Scars:

Collagen and other fillers are wonderful tools for treating depressed scars. During this procedure, sterile liquid collagen or other filler is injected beneath the depressed skin and then used as a plumper to make the skin even. Most of these fillers are only temporary. Speak to your dermatologist to decide which filler option would work best for you.

Saline Injections for Acne Scars: Permanent and Inexpensive Removal of Acne Scars

Dr. Sire is responsible for the newest treatment in acne scar removal and treatment. He has pioneered the way for saline to be used to treat acne scarring with permanent results. Saline injections are not only very safe and virtually painless with no real downtime, they are also inexpensive. Best of all, the results have been remarkable.

With a special saline injected into each scar, the skin is plumped similar to the way fillers are used. However, this is only the initial effect. Unlike fillers, saline is a real treatment and not a 'cover up'. The results are a permanent. Injecting the saline also causes natural collagen to form. This causes an even skin tone.

A depressed scar is often held down by fibrous tissue. When the saline is injected, the scar tissue causing depression is torn away. This lifts the scar.

While it is true that saline and syringes are available to purchase online, one should never, ever attempt this type of procedure at home. Many have done this and have been left irreversibly disfigured. Acne scar treatment requires to expertise of a skilled medical professional.

This treatment is not recommended for extremely deep scarring or for extreme ice pick type of acne scarring.

Important Information:

Dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, injection skin fillers and saline injections are all promising procedures that can help reduce the appearance of or remove acne scarring.

Never attempt to perform these procedures at home.

Never allow any person without proper training and certification perform these procedures on your skin.

Additional scarring, uneven skin tone and complete disfiguration is possible when professional procedures are performed by amateurs. These negative and most devastating results are often irreversible.