Acne is a common problem experienced by many teens and adults throughout their lives. It is a very embarassing condition that can leave scars and blotchy skin for years to come. There are countless products to treat acne, but a proactive approach to acne may be the best solution. Follow these tips to help prevent acne breakouts before they even begin.

Give your face some space. Throughout the day, there are many dirty objects that come in contact with our face. One of the most common is our own hands. Hands and fingers have dirt, oil, and bacteria on them that is transfered to the face every time it is touched. If you need to touch your face, wash your hands first to prevent the spread of dirt and oil.

Take a second look at your current skin cleansing routine. If the skin products you currently use contain fragrances or oil, this could be a source of your breakouts. Some forms of acne are actually caused by an allergy, so switch to a hypoallergenic or oil free product.

Another factor that can contribute to an acne problem is the shampoo or conditioner you use. These products often contain many perfumes and oils that cause unsightly breakouts on the face. Make sure that you wash your hair in a bent over position so that none of the shampoo or conditioner runs down your face.

Check other sources of dirt that can come in contact with your face. Pillowcases and phones can be breeding grounds for bacteria and oil as they are usually pressed against the face for prolonged periods of time. Be sure that both of these are cleaned regularly.

Acne prevention is a simple concept, it just takes a little proactive effort.