Acne scars can occur to anyone with acne but some people are more likely to get scars than others. But to figure out why some people get acne scars more than other people, we will want to look at what actually causes a scar in the first place.

When someone has an injury, a scar forms at the site of damage. Scars are visible reminders of skin injury and repair. In the case of acne and scarring, scars appear due to the body's inflammation in response to bacteria and dead skin in the sebaceous follicle. When a scar appears from acne, it appears as either a depression "ice pick" scar or as raised and thickened tissue.

It's not completely understood why scarring occurs because there is such a wide range of body reactions to acne and whether or not one person;s acne will cause scarring where another person's acne will not cause a single scar. Since there is such a variation between people, it is assumed that some people just happen to be more prone to scarring than others. But in most cases however, scarring does mostly occur when they have severe acne that occurs deep in the skin. But even then, scarring can still occur with minor, topical acne.

The duration of scars caused by acne is also not completely understood. Some people can have the scars they got from acne for their entire lives where some other people's acne scars will actually reduce in size over time to almost be unnoticeable.

Since it is so difficult to predict who will get or even what acne will cause scars, there is no real way to truly prevent scarring. However, if you wish to have no acne scars at all, the best method to preventing them is early and consistent treatment of your acne. The more that you can reduce inflammation and prevent further acne symptoms, the less likely that you will have acne scars. If you have acne and you are also prone to scarring, you should make sure to see a dermatologist so that you're chances to avoid scarring are even higher.

So in conclusion, acne scars are caused by your body's inflammatory reaction to the acne and the repair process that it undertakes to fix the damage left behind by acne. So, if you wish to prevent acne scars, the best way to do so quick and consistent treatment of your acne.

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