If you are skin is prone to acne, start using an benzoyl peroxide solution on the area of the skin which is infected. This solution will help to dry out the skin with its antibacterial properties and help reduce the chance of the acne reappearing. Maybe your skin is prone to whiteheads, if it is try applying a salicylic acid gel or cream to the affected areas. This product will help to dry out the infected area and unplug the pores and help to prevents further whitehead from appearing on to the skin.

A popular short term solution to acne, is with the use of topical steroids, but be warned they shouldn't be used over the long term because they can actually worsen the problem because the topical steroids make the skin thinner which can lead to other skin problems. Large skin pores can also lead to acne, so to help keep your pores looking tighter and smaller always make sure that they are clean by washing your face twice a day, preferably once in the morning and again just before you go to bed with a mild gentle cleanser.

Blackheads are not a pretty sight, but squeezing them can lead to the problem spreading. The best way to treat and remove blackheads is by applying a warm flannel to the blackhead area. This is going to help soften the skin, then you need to wrap your fingers with soft clean tissue paper and gently squeeze the blackhead. Never go mad when squeezing blackheads, if after squeezing their is an imprint on the skin, its means that you are squeezing too hard, which can lead to an outbreak of even more blackheads.If your skin is red and has inflamed blemishes a good way to treat this problem is with a clay based mask. These masks help at drawing out the skin impurities and help at reducing the redness and swelling.

If you have large spots or cystic acne this has the potential to leave deep scars on the skin if you squeeze too hard. So its best not to squeeze these type of spots at all. The best way to treat them is by applying an acne drying lotion or gel and let it do its job. If they are really bad its a must that you speak to a dermatologist to find out what the best course of action is to take to fix the problem without leaving any signs of scarring.