Acne in general and acne on chin in particular can happen to adults as well as teenagers but it is a very common condition amongst teenagers. Sometimes acne only appears on the chin area which is not only a cause of irritation but pain to the carrier; in teenagers it is called hormonal acne on chin. Acne is actually a bacterial growth which is caused by clogged pores either by dirt or oil. During the teenage years, excess oil is produced which increases the chances of your pores clogged by oil and causes acne breakouts.

Since we are only talking about quick remedial actions to remove acne on chin, we need to find out what causes acne to grow particularly on chin area? Some common reasons for acne to grow on chin are the bad habit of touching the chin frequently and the use of masks. Basically our hands carry bacteria and dirt from the places that we had touched. Touching your chin frequently will transfer these germs and dirt to the chin area which may result in acne on chin. Similarly use of mask will trap your perspiration and increases the possibility of skin irritation. This condition causes bacteria to grow and may result in acne on your chin. Here are some very effective tips to get rid of acne on chin:

  • Do not touch your chin with your hands frequently, quite this habit
  • Avoid use of masks too often
  • Do not use too much make up on your face; makeup clog face pores which result in formation of bacteria
  • No makeup when there is acne
  • No touching and popping on pimples
  • Use special soap for acne prone skin instead of normal soap and wash your face few times a day. This helps in clearing dead and dry skin cells which can cause hair follicles
  • Use only soft and clean piece of cloth to dry your acne affected chin area and face
  • Keep your head shampooed and cleaned all the time. Often dirty long hairs are the cause of spreading acne all over your face because they catch dust and bacteria easily
  • Getting a good sleep also helps in removing acne
  • You can apply non-gel toothpaste on the acne area; keep it under a wet bandage for a night. Next morning you may see drastic improvement and find a feline acne chin
  • Increase intake of vitamin C in your diet
  • A great tip to overnight acne treatment is to make a solvent of aspirin and lemon juice and apply it to acne affected area. You will be amazed to see the result; this tip is especially good for acne on oily skin
  • If you are a regular acne patient, make use of anti bacterial creams. Benzoyl per oxide is a good compound in preventing future acne breakouts
  • Reduce your daily physical routine during acne breakout and drink enough water
  • Regular dose of zinc tablets also help in getting acne on chin reduced
  • If nothing works out, apply shaving cream in good amount and leave it on for at least half an hour before wash. This tip is also good for getting rid from acne scars
  • If you want to know that your acne medicines are working, then realize the irritation on the acne affected area when medication is applied
  • If you think that your acne is getting out of control, consult a dermatologist immediately

There may be many tips on getting rid of acne on chin but the above ones are from personal experience, which work great without any side effects. You can try most of these tips just being at home because these are traditional and do not require any special product purchase.