If you have extra time, then you are one of the very few people who are fortunate enough to do so. Everyone is just so busy with anything these days, and everyone seems to have too much to do with so little time.

If you do have some free time, then you might want to do something productive. Yes, it may be very tempting to spend it snoring on your bed, but learning some new craft will definitely be better.

Take for instance acoustic guitar lessons. Guitar lessons are possibly the best lessons to take when you have extra time, and of course, extra cash. While others have fun in cooking schools, most people cannot afford such extra-curricular activity.

While others also have fun with sports, some sports are just too costly for the ordinary American. With the financial crisis still looming, the trick these days is finding a hobby that you would enjoy, and at the same time will not cost you so much.

Taking acoustic guitar lessons fit this description perfectly. The guitar is for any person of any age. You may be on your mid twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, or even sixties or seventies, but taking guitar lessons is never too late for you.

There are a lot of schools which give guitar lessons, most of which give top quality sessions and lesson plans. The best thing to look for in a guitar school is the quality of the instructors.

Find schools that have the most impressive faculty of guitar instructors. The basic acoustic guitar lessons include an introduction for the instrument, coupled with a few bits and pieces of information about it.

Next, people are taught how to take care of their guitars, so that they do not only learn how to play it, but also to maintain its quality. Then comes the lesson proper, where the basic guitar chords are taught.

Drills will be given, and when the student masters the basic chords, variations will be taught, with songs that use those minors, sevens, and sustained, among others. Look for these in any school's program. If you found the perfect program to help you play a guitar, then you'll be spending your free time as productively as ever.