In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that work-related injuries in the US amounted to 5,071. A part of that total, more precisely 1,178 of those, was caused by accidents in construction sites. These accidents could have possibly resulted to injuries, permanent disabilities, or even accidental death of the workers involved.

Types of Construction Accidents and Injuries

Construction sites are naturally dangerous that's why people who work there are prone to injuries. Accidents that often occur on sites include explosions and fires, slip and falls, hit by falling debris, electrocution, and trench collapse. The primary cause of these is the negligence of both employer and employees.

This disregard for care results to poor safety standards around the place, making the site more hazardous. Mishandling of noxious gases, lack of safety equipment, floor obstructions, faulty machines, and brittle ladders and scaffoldings add to the hazards of construction sites.

Injuries and disabilities that workers may acquire from construction accidents include burns and scalding, severe cuts, scars, paralysis, fractures, head and brain injuries, amputation, disfigurement and blindness. Extreme cases may even lead to wrongful death.


A lot of people may be held liable for accidents in a construction site.

  • Owners of the site: They have the responsibility to inform the employer or the contractors about any condition around the area that may become harmful to the people who will be working there. Failure to do so will make them liable for the accident.
  • Architects and engineers: They should do a regular inspection of the construction area to see if it complies with design standards and code regulations.
  • Manufacturers of equipment and machines: If the accident was caused by a defect on the machines used in construction, then these people are responsible for what happened.
  • Contractors: Prime, general, and sub-contracts may all be held responsible if they fail to provide enough safety equipments to the workers, if they fail to supervise the worker's security, and if they hire incompetent and careless workers.

Getting an Attorney

Employees who have been involved in construction accidents that resulted to injury have the right to file a claim against those who are proven liable. In order to know who is responsible, acquiring the help of Los Angeles construction law expert, personal injury lawyers is necessary. These attorneys can also help determine the right amount of compensation for the injured employee. Medical costs, income loss, and emotional distress are just some of the damages that need to be compensated.