Different types of action cameras for different types of users

Nobody is the same when it comes to cameras. Some people will want to use something which is easier to get around. Other will want a DSLR with a lens that they can change, but this will be more powerful. If you are really passionate about photography then this will be something to think about. You can always manipulate your shots with Photoshop, of course if you are going overboard with this, you have to ask yourself is this really photography?

If you are looking to take a couple of shots whilst you are at the soccer game or watching a cycling event then you will need something with the right kind of ability. You need something more advanced when you go off on your safari and you see a lion chase right in front of your eyes. It is times like these when action cameras which are stuck to the helmet or the motorcar are not the right option. 

Always Experiment!

To learn the technique can take a long time and professional photographers are able to do this on any sort of camera - just about, but if you have not had years of experience working for National Geographic then you will have to look at a couple of tools that are going to give you shots that will come to life.


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Camera choice

Brands like Nikon and Canon comes to mind when you are looking for the best tools for the trade. The Canon EOS family do very well. The Nikon D3 are also regarded as a good overall quality camera which are low on noise and performance levels are superior. For wildlife shots you should be looking to something like a 350mm lens, but obviously this all depends on the distance.

Nikon are good on contrast and this is a brand that is used extensively by professionals all over the world so you really can't go wrong. When it comes to price, you won't find that it is on the cheap end of the scale, but then again you won't be using the camera for family snaps or to take a shot of your little pup. This is for serious stuff.

Once you have your equipment which will get you started, hopefully with the right kind of accessories, such as a handy tripod, then you can get on to the tricks and learning curves which will make you a pro photographer. Getting your angle right according to what shot you want to take as well as learning about things like panning and tilts all come into play here. Soon you will see how your photography will start to progress from strength to strength.

Hands free action cameras

It seems like people are obsessed with hands free action cameras where you don't have to do anything. I don't think it's a sudden craze because cameras and camcorders keep on advancing and they are not going to go backwards. People don't want to learn more about how to find the best way to take a photo when it's there in front of their eyes. Of course, we know that there are so many advantages to a DSLR, mostly designed for the hobby photographer.

Quicker and cheaper for the most of us is obviously better. So for the rest of us the Contour Roam or the Contour GPS have been rated highly by mountain bikers, 4x4 obsessed drivers and just about anyone who has a bike with a helmet or a car. The GoPro Hero2 and the Drift are others that are well worth considering for this sort of thing.

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Beginner digital cameras for kids - what to look for

I can’t think of many kids who are not fascinated with technology, and cameras are one of these things. It is great that a lot of kids are getting in tune with photography at such a young age. Of course, to some it is just a kind of curiosity, but for others it could turn into a real hobby, which could even turn into a proper career, and this is what needs to be developed.

There are loads of cameras for kids floating around. Some are just gimmicks and are then there to amuse children or maybe distract their attention whilst mom is trying to have a serious conversation with someone. This kind of gimmick is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a tool that they will be seeing later in the real world, but they definitely won’t be seeing a more advanced teddy bear in a couple of years to come.

If you see that your child has a strong attachment to the camera – more so than the rest of the clan, it is important to help them nurture that skill. The younger you start the better. There are pretty inexpensive beginner digital cameras for kids which will get them started. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these.

The problem is that most cameras that suit the age groups around 10-12 are really funky looking and thats what appeals to kids. However, after a few days, kids will find that appearance is not the first thing you should be looking at because a lot of these cameras don’t cater for a lot of technological functions. If your child is really switched on, technologically, then you may want to think about spending a couple of more dollars on something that has more features.

I’m referring to the Discovery Slide and Shoot camera, which looks good, but when it comes to viewing the LCD, you are going to have a lot of problems. Adults are just the same – it is the first appearance that counts, so make sure you analyze and access the camera before you buy it.


camera for kids

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For older kids, they would have gone through the toys, so you would have to get them something close to what you have got. However, if you are looking at something for a five-year old, then, the closest thing that I came up with was the Diego Camera. There are a lot of toy cameras around, but this little thing actually looks and feels like the real thing. It is also rough and tough and goes for a descent price as well.

Diego and Click Take a Pic! (Go, Diego, Go!)
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(price as of Aug 28, 2013)

The  Little Tikes My Real Digital Camera looks for like a techno rattle to me, but it would be a good camera for a three year old. It is pretty durable so you can be sure that if they spill their milk over it or drop it on the floor, it is still going to survive for some time. It also looks easy enough navigate with buttons that are not difficult to miss. In addition to that, it can hold up to 93 photos, which is really not bad going.

So at the end of the day, you really have to access the situation because it depends on the age of your child as well as the skill level. You don’t want to buy an ultra expensive camera, when you know it is not going to turn into anything. So just bear this in mind. However, you can’t lose out because you have to say this is a whole lot better than the newest video game.