Transformers Alternators Optimus Prime Action FigureCredit: Credit: Transformers Alternators Optimus Prime By Kevin Leung (originally posted to Flickr as CIMG1192.JPG) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsCredit: Credit: Transformers Alternators Optimus Prime By Kevin Leung (originally posted to Flickr as CIMG1192.JPG) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Why People are Collecting Action Figures

Over the past two decades or so, an increasing number of adults with disposable income have gotten started in the hobby of action figure collecting. It is not all that difficult to understand why adults would want to collect action figures. There is a strong drive as we get older to recapture our childhood, and one of the best ways to do this is to replace that favorite lost action figure that entertained us so much as a child. The Internet makes finding elusive figures exceptionally easy, inviting many to participate in the hobby.

Action Figure Collecting Styles

There is almost no limit to the ways in which an action figure collection can be constructed. Many collectors will choose to focus on an entire line of toys when they collect action figures. Brands of Mattel action figures such as Masters of the Universe are currently very popular, but there are other toys that are equally favored in the eyes of action figure collectors. Transformers action figures, for instance, are also extremely sought after. Both of these lines offer products on the current market, but there is also a strong secondary market for toys from years past that are no longer in production.


Those who collect action figures from the aforementioned lines or others such as G.I. Joe or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles face some hurdles if they want to get every toy that has ever been made. Since each of these lines features hundreds if not thousands of individual toys released over many decades, it is all but impossible for those who are into action figure collecting to complete a set of these toys. Consequently, many collectors elect to put together a set of all the toys ever made to represent particular characters. This is a relatively easy way to go about action figure collecting, and it is recommended as a way for newbies to the hobby to get started building their set of toys. Those who are collecting Masters of the Universe toys, for instance, may elect to find every figure and variant of characters such as Hordak or Teela. Of course, once that lost action figure has been found, many collectors elect to go on and build a whole set encompassing all the toys ever made for a particular line. This can be a fun way to keep up with the hobby, and it is rewarding to find that rare, valuable toy for an excellent price.


Action Figure Collecting: Condition and Pricing

Individuals who want to collect action figures in hopes of putting together a set of toys that will be worth a lot of money should understand that condition is absolutely key. The most valuable toys will be those that have never been removed from their packaging. Failing that, it is essential to look for figures that have all their original accessories and that show little signs of play wear. This can be difficult to find in older figures, which is what makes them so valuable when they appear in good condition.


Finally, recapturing one’s childhood through action figure collecting need not be overly expensive. When buyers know where to find toys at the best possible price, they will be able put together a set of toys without breaking the bank. Current toys that are still in production, such as certain lines of Transformers action figures, are best purchased at discount retailers. Out-of-production toys can be found for cheap on Ebay and other auction sites when one knows how to bid. Specialty online toy retailers are also an excellent source for collecting action figures. But no matter where you buy your toys or how much you spend, start your action figure collecting sooner rather than later, for prices are going up every day. The best way to find the best prices on your favorite Hasbro or Mattel action figures is to start collecting today.