When it comes to an ActiveX update, there are two different schools of thought.

Different Schools of Thought

One school says that you do not need this type of control and that it is a way to get your security breached on your computer. They also say that it allows viruses and attacks to be completed on your computer leaving it vulnerable. However the second school of thought will say, yes it is necessary in order to get things such as Windows Update from Microsoft.com for example which uses this control.

Not All Active X Controls Are the Same

Here is where you can get into trouble with Active X controls. Not all of the items claiming to be Active X really are. So, sometimes an update may only screw up your computer. If you do decide to use this, make sure that the update is digitally signed so you do not risk your computer’s health. Some sites will require this in order to run, but more and more are going to Java and other programs instead of using the Active X. Browsers like Firefox do not deal with Active X or its issues.

 If you can avoid it, disable your ActiveX controls. There are fewer and fewer internet sites that do use ActiveX and Windows Update as stated before is one that you will have to use an ActiveX update for. There is no getting around having to use this site as Windows is a part of your OS. It all comes to choices made by the individual as to if it is important or not.  Take into consideration what has been said in different forums about this type of control and then make your own decision as to what to do based on what you find.

Since there have been accusations about problems with Active X controls, a person should do the research for themselves in order to understand what an ActiveX update does and what this does in general. This will give you the information needed to make an intelligent decision. Some of this information about the Active X control dates back to 2005. So you will need to research current information in order to know more about the potential problems with ActiveX. A Google scan may be able to help you with more current information about potential problems with ActiveX.

It will be a personal decision about the ActiveX. With the different schools of thought, you have to be careful and be informed before deciding what to do. Many web searches have been done about the problems of Active X and the only information that has been found goes back to 2005 which is not current. A decision will have to be made once more pertinent information has been found about using or not using ActiveX. Remember that certain sites such as Windows Update do require the Active X in order to run properly. ActiveX runs with IE browsers. It doesn’t work with or on Firefox.