Recovery File Software For Windows

Recovery File Software

Most people think that when they loose important files or data, that all is lost and those files are gone for ever. There are many ways you can retrieve those lost files. One  way is to hire or pay for a data recovery service .

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These services can be expensive and some of these companies may even charge you before actually fixing the problem.  Before you think of hiring such a service you may  want to check out review sites and get first hand opinions from  people who may have similar hardware problems as yourself and find out more information concerning the best data recovery services.

There is another option you can choose to do and that is to use an Active File Recovery Software for Windows XP. This article will show you how you can recover those lost or deleted files using this data recovery software. No need to be an expert or computer wiz, i will take you through a step by step procedure on how you can restore your lost files.

You can download this software online,  simply type into Google Active Recovery File Software and you will see a list of websites which offer this either as a free version or the more advanced paid version , although the free version will do just fine. Be sure to read any policies and terms and conditions before choosing the software. Once you have downloaded the software you can then proceed to launch the program as the instructions specify. Go to the start menu and click start and then click my Computer to find the program you just installed. If you cannot find it then do a search for local System Devices in Help And Support. Once you have located the program you can then proceed to run a quick scan of your computer to find any deleted data or files you wish to recover.

To fix any damaged or deleted partitions, there is a Super Scan Option that you can choose to find and restore partitions. On the right side of the window pane you will see a list of all the files, data, and partitions that has been scanned and found. Now all that is needed is for you to choose which files, data or partitions you would like to recover, and simply place them in a folder in a secure location. The good thing about Active Recovery File Software is that, for any reason in the near future you should loose any files or data due to a hard disk fault or a computer crash, you can simply go through the above process to retrieve your files once again.