Support Sock and Compression Stocking

Best Compression Stockings or Support Sock

Compression stockings or socks are not just for those suffering with edema. Edema is swelling in the lower extremities from water retention or lack of circulation. It is not unlikely that most people will end up with either a passing bout of edema or have it as a chronic medical condition. It can also be a symptom of more serious health problems. One of the most recognized ways of fighting edema is to use compression socks, otherwise known as compression stockings or anti-embolism stockings. Compression socks are not only for individuals with edema. Both men and women find that wearing support socks or compression stockings has many benefits, such as increased circulation, reduced ankle swelling, reduced muscle fatigue, relieving discomfort from varicose veins, and faster muscle recovery. Support socks or stockings and compression hose are perfect for using every day. They are especially beneficial to those who are standing or sitting for long periods as well as walking or traveling.

Support Stockings/Socks for Men and Women

Support stockings or compression socks are worn by men and women. Mens support stockings are quite popular and necessary, especially for the man on his feet all the time. Support socks for men are also necessary for men who have jobs that tie them to a desk for a period of time. These could be jobs using a computer, doing paperwork, insurance work, writers, engineers, retail, and other types of employment. Most freelance writers should use support socks. Jobst, Ames Walker, and Futuro are great brands that make compression support stockings. Carhartt makes wool compression stockings. They focus on the tired, achy feet and use a medically proven technology that energizes legs and relieves swelling. There are longer, knee high or calve length compression stockings or shorter support socks.

The men's compression stocking or support sock looks like a dress sock. Compression socks and support stockings are not just a market for women. Several brands carry a variety of colors of dress support socks/mens dress support socks. Sometimes they are called mens over the calf supports socks and mens compression socks. Futuro support socks are well rated by men.

Athletics Socks/Compression Stockings

Since it is well known that wearing compression socks are helpful and have health benefits, there are many companies coming out with their own brands of compression stockings. One of these is the Womens Zoot Active Compression Sock. The Zoot active compression sock is meant for the consumer to get the benefits of compression socks. People who are athletic or have an exercise program can benefit greatly from using active compression socks because they are very supportive of your feet, calves, and legs. Most of the active compression stockings or socks, like the Zoot also have graduated compression from the bottom to top. This helps to increase the circulation in the feet and ankles. Zoot's active compression stocking/socks also have Achilles' support, padded foot soles, and antimicrobial fibers that fight odor. Active compression socks are worn by runners, marathoners, bicyclists, and other active people looking for support in their athletic routine.

Airplane Support Hose/Compression Stockings

Although most who are going to fly think about the cramped seat, they do not think about the swelling in their legs and ankles or the stress on their body. Buying a pair of airplane support hose or compression stockings before you are going on a trip is very helpful. Using travel compression stockings is a smart idea for either men or women, perhaps even children if they have problems with ankle swelling and so forth from flying. Using travel support socks and compression hose/stockings are a preventative measure against blood clots. If you wear a pair of anti-embolism travel stockings then you will help prevent clots and promote venous blood flow in your legs. You can find them by looking for travel support socks, anti-embolism travel socks, or compression stockings for flying.

As the holiday season approaches it is a good idea to think about getting a pair of travel stockings for yourself and family members if your holidays include flying. Your feet will thank you for taking care of them. If your husband, wife, or children, travel or just need compression stockings or support socks then getting them a pair is a good gift idea. Passing on health through active support socks or compression stockings is a good Christmas gift. Compression socks are great gifts anytime and make especially thoughtful gifts for elderly folks. Many elderly and others have trouble with edema, so anti-embolism stockings are a healthy gift.

Final Compression Sock and Stocking Tips

Using compression stockings or support socks for flying, athletics, at work or home is part of an excellent foot care regime. Feet have to last the duration of life, so care for them well. Make sure you are using good foot care products. There are tea tree oil products for foot care, such as tea tree foot spray that helps your feet, whether they ache or smell. As well, you should always wear proper foot wear for any conditions you have, such as the best plantaar fasciits shoes, orthotic slippers, or make sure to wear the proper arches in your shoes along with wearing support hose or compression stockings. Taking care of your feet around the clock will give them a better chance to improve, recover, and feel better. Personal grooming habits that include great feet care turn into positive health effectors. It is also a good idea to wear comfortable diabetic slippers or to get a nice pair of orthopedic slippers so you are comfortable at home even if you are still on your feet.