Slovakia is a country with an amazing and fascinating history. As a tourists destination it is renowned for its castles and amazing scenery in the mountain ranges that surround its border. However, Slovakia is more than just lush grassy hills and spectacular mountains. It is a host of a first class economy with a recent 21st century construction boom that is transforming the city into a delightful mix of baroque heritage architecture and cutting edge entertainment facilities. Here are some of the hidden must-sees of Slovakia which you can drop in on whether you are in for a month long family holiday or have a day or so to kill on a business trip.

  • Dine at a UFO restaurant above a bridge: This ultra modern dining and sightseeing area was completed building surprisingly in the 1972, during the Communist era of the country. An observation deck is open from 10am to 10pm to gain a spectacular view of the main city (Bratislava) surroundings. Dining will be a somewhat eerie experience, seated right next to the window with no visible support below you. 
  • The Dino Park: The Dino Park is once again located in Bratislava and is a great educational experience for any family with kids and a good resting activity after days of touring ancient castles and hiking along mountains. The centre is basically a park with life sized, realistic dinosaur models at certain intervals. For the children, the centre supplied shovels and brushes and lets them experience being an archaeologist first hand with buried dinosaur bones. This is a good opportunity to appreciate the great Slovakian weather whilst not being wind whipped atop a mountain. Enjoy a break after with some of the cafes around the area. 
  • UNESCO protected cultural and historical sites: As Bratislava has been the capital of Slovakia since basically the beginning of its civilised settlement; its streets and surrounding areas are dotted with pockets of architectural history from Roman and Slavic eras. The most recommended from tours and locals is the town of Bardejov. Located in the North-East of Slovakia, it houses a population of 30,000 people within historically preserved medieval era buildings. It is a wonder to walk around the town square and instantly become transported into a totally different time period. This town serves as a great day trip opportunity for those staying in hotels at Bratislava and is any way to enjoy breezy Summer weather while walking into something that looks like it came out of a fairytale. 
  •  The Poprad Water Park: Poprad is a city in Northern Slovakia with an airport just outside its borders. In here there is a water park that is famous for its mineral waters. The adults will enjoy spas and Jacuzzis with the therapeutic water as well as the swim up bar and the kids will have a blast with the slides and waves around the park. For those who want an exercise kick featured here is also an Olympic sized swimming pool to get a few laps in.