Fun in a Cardboard Box

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The first is a cardboard box. Many distant relatives try to buy the newest toys for toddlers but at the end of the birthday or holiday, the activities for toddlers most engaging are the boxes in which the toys came. Children can have fun rolling around and learning to use the box in many settings and at many angles.

Toy Cars 

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Toy cars offer great activities for toddlers because they are large enough that the toddlers will not eat them, but small enough that they children are still impressed by the details and how the toy car matches the cars in which their parents drive. Toy cars provide endless activities for toddlers because they can be used in the bathtub, at the playground, on the mat, or in the dirt in the backyard.

Color Away

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Coloring is another great activity which is perfect for toddlers. Whether they are given crayons, pens, colored pencils, felts, pastels, or paints, young children love to color. These activities are nearly endless as well as offer great insight into the creative minds of your children. Watching them with a collection of colors and a white sheet of paper will show you what is on their mind, their dreams, thoughts, nightmares, observations, and more.

Tag and It


Tag is a classic activity for children. It requires creativity, energy, and lots of imagination. Toddlers can be “Chased” by their parents or older siblings and this will encourage them to practice their newfound skill of walking and running, also hiding in creative locations.

Build with Blocks

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Blocks. Using legos, building blocks, or any other brand name can help nurture creativity for toddlers who are then able to use the blocks to build things after what they visual or imagine. They can build homes for dolls, cities and roads for toy cars, and then bring all of the activities for toddlers together to play.

 Puppet Shows

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Puppet shows are another great way to help toddlers practice their communication skills. This is an essential new trick for many of the toddlers and as such it is important that they learn to practice their dialogue.

Dress Up and Role Play

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Dress up is a great game for toddlers. It encourages them to try on all of their clothes (and maybe yours) in an attempt to instill independence and practice for a time when they will be grown up enough to be responsible for dressing themselves.

Develop Music

Musical instruments are a great way to encourage the development of the brain, utilize mathematic skills and tone their musical ear.


Puzzles will also create a stimulating activity which encourages toddlers to make matches and recognize shapes.

Bike Rides

Riding a bike is a fundamental correlation between stimulation and coordination for children. Using the best hand-eye coordination toddlers will soon be able to take off the training wheels.


 When you are looking for activities for toddlers, look no further than a cardboard box, coloring, tag, toy cars, blocks, puppets, dress up, musical instruments, puzzles, and bikes for development growth and stimulation.