Anyone on summer holiday, or soon to be on summer holiday, is most likely wondering where they should visit this year or what activities can be done at home on a low budget. With all of the available options for long or short summer holiday hot-spots, it is no wonder that people cannot decide. Whether you are alone or with your family, it is important to stay active during the summer holiday and enjoy your free time. There are great opportunities for family-bonding activities out of doors in your home town, such as hiking, cycling, or swimming. Meanwhile, there are also family-friendly options away from home which include volunteer work or a change of pace, or even upper class luxury vacation packages the whole family can enjoy.

Activities on Summer Holiday

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Family vacations are becoming more and more popular as whole families have begun to seek trips that offer the chance to participate in a week-long or month-long humanitarian adventure. Many non-profit organizations have started offering short-term volunteer work in orphanages, HIV/AIDS centers, as well as schools and conservation centers around the world. This opportunity is a rare one to experience as a family but can offer more rewards than playing in the pool all summer. Children get to venture to exotic locations throughout Africa, Asia, and South America where they will face exposure to other cultures, languages, foods, and poverty while they work together with their parents—instead of running away from them—to make the world a better place.

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If a vacation is preferable as a summer holiday activity, then taking active breaks can be done near home or far away. Near home people can enjoy cycling adventures or ice-climbing in colder weather for relatively inexpensive prices. For those who seek outdoors vacations away from home, multi-activity breaks can offer kayaking trips, white-water rafting trips, horse-back riding, as well as mountain climbing.

Slower-Paced Summer Holiday Activities

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Some people prefer slower paced activities on their summer holiday, such as a vacation to a relaxing resort along the beaches of Portugal wherein local beaches, Jacuzzis, Turkish baths, and relaxing saunas are the order or the day. At these locations, families and couples can engage in tennis or volleyball, boating trips, or safaris.

Venturing the Colder Climates

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Cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sledging, snow rafting, and ice climbing are each great activities for families and couples who seek colder climates for their summer holiday. Instead of burning on the beaches in the sun, families and couples can enjoy affordable vacation packages during the summer months.

No matter the size or shape of your family, or your budget, there are activities to be had on every summer holiday that are sure to make you smile. There are European adventures to be had, luxury resorts with golf breaks, city trips into a foreign culture, spa breaks along a beach resort, or volunteer trips in the heart of Africa, teaching trips in Asia, or family-friendly BBQ pool parties at home.


There are many types of summer holiday activities which can be enjoyed at home or afar. These include mini vacations full of outdoor activities, or relaxing vacations full of spas and tennis or golf. Other options include short-term volunteer work in a foreign country or family-friendly home activities for an inexpensive price.