There are many activities your troop can do to celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary.  This year, 2012, is a huge milestone in Girl Scout history.  It all began with the founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who started the first Girl Guides troop.  One hundred year later, the Girl Scouts have blossomed into a world wide organization.
What activities you choose to do to celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary depend largely on the age of your troop.  What Cadettes can do is certainly different than what Daisies can do.  You can adapt the activities for your troop’s level so it works for your girls.
Community Service Projects to Help Celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary
No matter what level your troop is, they can collect items to celebrate this milestone.  Community service ties into the Girl Scout law to “make the world a better place”. Brainstorm ideas with your girls to see what they want to collect.  Some ideas are:
Collect 100 canned goods to donateActivities to Celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary(81651)Credit:
Collect 100 items for animal shelter
Collect 100 books for an underprivileged school or homeless shelter
Collect 100 magazines to send to soldiers overseas
Collect 100 toys to donate to a preschool or a shelter
Collect 100 stuffed animals to donate to a children’s hospital
Collect 100 bay items to donate to a children’s hospital
Food Activities to Celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary
It’s always fun toad food to the celebration!  Since Girl Scouts are found all over the world, you can have an international buffet.  This will expose the girls to foods that they are not familiar with.
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You can do this by assigning each girl a country and bringing in a food from that country.  Or you and your co-leader can plan the food yourself.  How you do it depends on when your troop meets and how helpful your parents are.
During your feast, you can play music from different countries and learn a dance or game from there.
If an international buffet is not your style, then how about bringing in uniced cupcakes for the girls to decorate.  Buy white icing to dye blue for Daisies and green for Juniors.  Buy chocolate icing for Brownies.  Get colored sugar and sprinkles for decorating and let your girls go to town.  You can even download Girl Scout songs to play during your party.
Crafts for Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the Girl Anniversary
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Girl Scouts love to do arts and crafts, so doing one in honor the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts fits right in.  Daisy Scout troops can make 100 paper dolls from the website.  Or give the girls 100 random objects and have them make something together.

Younger Girl Scouts, make a giant “100” a piece of oak tag.  Have the girls fill in the number with 100 dot stickers.

Brainstorm a list of 100 nice things to do or say.  Divide the list up and have each girl write one on a paper strip.  Hook them together and make chain.

These are just a few ideas to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.