Looking for activities to do with children? There are numerous great activities you can do with children that are fun for the both of you. It is just that sometimes when you hear the words 'I'm bored!' that your mind goes blank. So, without further a do, here are some suggestions for you and your family.


Kids Playing Soccer
Credit: Image courtesy of Kittisak @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Lego Blocks or Other Construction Sets

Lego blocks and construction sets make for a great activity you can do with children. One thing you want to do is have a separate set for the adult and the child. This will encourage the child do build their own thing. You never want to build the Lego toy or set for the child, just let them do it and only help if they ask for it but show them the right way to do it and then let the child complete the project. This will encourage critical thinking and problem solving. There are also other blocks and sets for younger children which teach the same thing.



Get two coloring books and sit down with your child and color together. This is an excellent activity because most children love to color. They can show you their favorite colors and you can make suggestions for them too as to which color you think would look best. This is also a good bonding activity that you can do together. Make sure you allow the child to color the drawing their own way and don’t criticize the end result.



Most children love a good story so sit down and read to them. Make sure you use a real book and not an e-reader as you want to encourage real reading from a book. Books also have lots of pictures and pop-ups which children can see and it helps them to understand the story better. An e-reader just won’t engage the child as much as a regular book can.


Video Games

Despite your distaste for video games they are a part of the life of a child in today’s world. You can however make this a fun activity because there are now games that allow more interaction. Try to play interactive games with your child where you play sports or dance or do something active. This way you can both get exercise and have fun at the same time. Try to avoid games where you just sit there on the couch.


Model Kits

For older boys pre-teen boys you might consider sitting down and helping them build their favorite model it. Ensure the child does most of the work but you can guide them and give them encouragement as to their progress. Don’t get mad if the child does something wrong, show them the right way to do it. Teach them safety about paint and the glue if you use any.



Mom can show her daughter how to cook in the kitchen. Do fun easy activities together such as making cookies or their favorite food. You can buy kitchen and baking kits specifically designed for children. Get them to help out whenever possible when it comes to meal time.  Make sure then understand kitchen safety and don’t give them any complex tasks until they are ready for the responsibility.



This is an excellent activity to do with your children. You can show them how plants grow and give them tasks like picking berries or pulling up potatoes from the ground. This makes fir an excellent learning experience for any child. Another activity you can give them is watering the plants or pulling up weeds.


Washing the Car

Children can get involved in washing the car when it’s time to do it. Give them a section of the car to wash and show them how to do it and then let them do the work on their own. You’ll end up washing most of the car yourself but it is still fin for them to contribute. If it’s hot out you can spry each other with the hose after you’re done.



Get together with your children and go out biking or walking. You can take the dog with you if you want. This is an excellent activity you can all do to get some exercise. Try to find some east trials and other areas you can bike on for more variety in the activity. Walking can be done anywhere and it you have  a dog give your child the responsibility holding the leash assuming the dog is small enough for them to look after and they are old enough to walk the dog.


Care for the Pet

When it comes time to groom your dog or cat you can do it together. This is easier with a dog and more fun. For example, you could have your child help you wash the dog or brush the animal’s hair. This will teach tem responsibility and how to look after your family pet.


Puzzles or Board Games

There’s no need to rely on just computers for games and entertainment. There are tons of family oriented puzzles and games you can play together. A board game is fun for everyone and if it’s a puzzle you can work on it together. This will get them away from the television and video games.



Get together with a few friends and the kids and have a family sports day. You can play basketball, baseball, soccer or any other sports related activity. Try to keep it fun and nit too competitive and have everyone pack a lunch.  You might throw in a few races or other activities too. This is a great activity for the weekend.


There are tons of activities you can do with children. Try to keep the activities fun and add in some learning elements when you can. There’s no need to play mindless video games all the time as you will find plenty of things you cnn ado together as a family unit. Ask your children what their favorite activities are and then try to do something related to that. These suggestions should get you on the right track.