Elements of an Activity Book

What does an Activity Book consists of ?

An activities Book can consist of crosswords, puzzles, riddles, coloring pages, stories, comics, paper dolls, and much more. It all depends on the genre/type of activities book. If the activities book is for toddlers, it will consist of  coloring pages. If the activity book is created for kids, there are a variety of activities included, this is because there is no limit to imagination of a kid. An activity Book feeds on creativity and imagination.

George Hodan
Credit: A page from an Activity Book

Activity Books: My personal Experience

My 3 year old loves them

I have a 3-year-old and a baby. In the past, I could not give full attention to my 3-year-old, so he resorted to watching TV. I did not like this. Television is not good for children, especially growing children. So I searched for some printable worksheets that could keep him busy. I came across and activity Book . This Activities Book was about Feelings. There was another Activity Book Titled “All About Me”. I downloaded both and asked my Husband to bring a print out of that Activity Book. When I got the Activities Book, I showed it to my 3-year-old. He was very happy and started working on it right away. There is a picture of my son working on his Feelings Activity Book.

When he completed all the activities and coloring in his activity book, we stapled it and showed it to all his friends. They were asking me about the Activities Books. I think they want to download the Activities Books too so that they can give their children an edge over other students. Do you want your child to learn more than his counterparts? If yes, then continue reading. You will get a scoop of the Best Activities Books available online.

My 3-year-old with his first activity book
Credit: @GolodenAsh at Infobarrel

Types of Activity Books

Something for everyone!

There are Christmas activity book, Wedding activities books, Sticker Activity Books, Scratch and Sketch Activities Books, Coloring activity books, invisible ink activity book and Summer activities book. An activity book for Family Vacation, Easter and even an Activity Book to cope with grief and loss. There are activity books for teens, kids, toddlers, preschoolers and even babies. The list does not end here. There are all genres of activity book for all classes of humanity. An activity Book can be downloaded via internet  and printed for use. Activity Books can also be bought for a small price but a lot of enjoyment.

An Activities Book can also be classified depending on the type of character association. For example, there are Dora activity Books, Hello Kitty Activity Book, Ben 10 Activity Book and even Prince William and Kate Middleton (Royal Wedding) Activity Book.

My favorite Activity Book

It is so cute!

Advantages of Activity Books

Activities Books simply rock!

If you want your child to learn a certain type of behavior, Activity Book might be the Keys. For example, if you see that your child does not discriminate between family and stranger. You can introduce a Book with pages focusing on “Not to talk to strangers” and “Do not take anything from strangers” activities . In the same way, Activities Book can inculcate Religious spirit, if you introduce religious activity Book into the life of your kid.

Activities Books are known to foster creativity. There are Activities Books for adults too. Activities Books are fun and are a keepsake forever. After some years, seeing an activity Book and recognizing our handwriting can trigger beautiful memories. An Activities Book is full  with knowledge. Moreover, children like Books full with activities. Children can show their activities Books to their Teachers and friends. Activity Book is an excellent way to keep a child busy during Summer Vacations and Winter Vacations.