One of the things children just love, is doing activities with their parents or any other person they consider interesting. They just love attention and they love making things that are shown to other afterwards. Winter is a great season for indoor activities for parent and child. You could make a lot of decoration for celebrations as Christmas for example. In this article I will give an examples of things you and your child could make.

Christmas decoration: Christmas star

I will explain how to make a Christmas star, however, it's perfectly possible to choose another figure, such as a Christmas bell, or a Christmas tree. In this example I will speak about a Christmas star.

Things You Will Need

· Colored paper ( choose the more cardboard like variant, because that one is stronger than ordinary paper)

· Scissors

· Colored foil

· Glitter glue (optional)

· Other glitters ( optional)

· Pencil

· Glue

Step 1

First of all, draw the star twice on the strong colored paper. Make sure both figures are exactly the same, they will be attached to each other later on. If you and your child do this activity together, you could for example draw the figure and the child could cut it out.

Step 2

Now draw triangles, squares and circles on one of the two figures and cut these out.

Step 3

Place to the two figures on each other, the one with the triangles etc. on the other one. Now you are able to draw the same squares, triangles etc. on the other star. If you have done so, cut these out too.

Step 4

Now take one of the two stars and glue little pieces of the colored foil over the figures. Make sure all of them are covered.

Step 5

Next you attach the two stars to each other. Make sure the side where you see the rests of the foil, is turned inwards. That's more beautiful.

Step 6

Now your child can decorate the rest of the star by adding some glitter. Glitter glue is much easier than normal glitter.

Step 7

Attach a piece of rope to the top of the star and you are finished!

By doing this activity, you and your child get to spend some quality time together while making something beautiful. The end result of what is made is a nice addition to the Christmas decoration. You could hang the star somewhere in the light, this will give a great effect. Another good thing about this activity is that it's easy to do and won't take a lot of time to prepare.

Tips & Warnings

-By doing this activity you can tell your child a lot about Christmas, what it actually means and what the symbols stand for.

-If you would like to let your child cut out the figures, but the child isn't able to handle a pair of scissors yet, you could give the child something sharp to make holes. In this way it will be easier for the child to handle, but it will take more time two. In Holland, where I live, there is a tool for this called a 'prikpen'. I don't know whether that excist in other countries too, but it could be made by putting a needle in a cork for example