One of the things children just love, is doing activities with their parents or any other person they consider interesting. They just love attention and they love making things that are shown to other afterwards. Autumn is a great season for indoor activities for parent and child. You can combine the activity with an outdoor excursion, which is always nice for children. In this article I will give an example of things you and your child could make.

How to turn a shoebox into something beautiful!

When doing this activity you will be able to spend some quality time with your child. You will be able to make something beautiful and teach your child something about autumn. Your child will learn in this way and breath a lot of fresh air.

Things You Will Need

· An empty shoebox

· Leaves and other nature things

· Colored pencils

· Scissors

· Colored paper

· Colored foil

Step 1

First of all, go outside to some place where you will be able to see the beauty of autumn. A forest would be a great example. When you are there just enjoy the surrounding and collect beautiful leaves, pineapples and anything your child finds interesting and beautiful.

Step 2

Now take these pieces of nature back home and you can start making an autumn shoebox.

Step 3

Take the shoebox. Cut a huge square in the lid and let your child glue some colored foil over the square ( glue it at the inside) so that the entire square is covered.

Step 4

Next cut a hole in the side of the shoebox that's big enough for an eye to look through.

Step 5

Now your child can decorate the shoebox on the inside. He could for example make a landscape using all the things the two of you collected outside. He could draw figures to add to the scenery. Just let him or her do whatever they like, let them use their creativity.

Step 6

Once the child considers the box done, you are finished. Now you can close the box and look inside through the hole you made for that in the side part of the box. The child can now show the end result to anyone.

By doing is activity you and your child will be able to spend some quality time together. Your child will be able to learn a bit about nature and turn that into a piece of decoration. It's also a great opportunity to let the child move and breath in fresh air.

Tips & Warnings

-For a nice effect you could add glitter glue to the list of needed things. Kids usually love this and will be glad to use it.