Children really like doing activities with their parents or anyone they like in general. These activities are important for forming a great parent-child relationship. An example of a nice activity to do, that won't take a lot of preparation time, is making finger puppets.

Things You Will Need

  • Coloured paper ( take the paper that's in between normal paper and cardboard when it comes to how strong it is).

  • Pencils

  • Glitter glue

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Step 1

First of all draw a person, for example a clown, on paper, but make sure it's a body without legs. Your child's fingers will be the legs.

Step 2

Cut the figure out the paper and make to circle formed holes in the downside of the body, where two fingers can be put in.

Step 3

Now let your child decorate the figure. You can suggest the child using paper in other colours to make, for example, buttons, clothes etc. Glitterglue also is a nice things to decorate with.

Step 4

Next show your child how he or she can put his/her fingers in. The figure then has legs.

Step 5

If you make more than one the child will now be able to play with the figures.

Doing an activity with your child will give you some quality time together. By making finger puppets you kind of make your child use his creativity and imagination. The child will have a great time!

I babysit a lot and I do this kind of activities every now and then with the children and they just love it. When I did this one, the three of them played with the end result for hours. They even made a paper house for the puppets to live in!

Tips & Warnings

-If you find out the children are truly enjoying playing with the puppets, you can suggest making a house for them, just as my babysit children did. That might add even more joy!