Senior citizens are a unique group of individuals that require significant care and need to feel important. Those who work with older adults can provide meaningful programs that encourage the seniors and enrich their later years.

When dealing with older people you must keep in mind how active they are and choose activity options that closely resemble the lifestyle your group enjoys. A group outing will be more difficult to organize as there will be a variety of needs to be concerned about. Enlist volunteers to help push wheelchairs or assist with other disabilities. Choosing the right activity for your group of seniors is imperative.

Take the seniors to a children´s museum. They love to see old toys they played with as a child. Find a museum near you. Look online or in your local telephone book. Total the cost of the trip; include tickets and add an appropriate amount to help offset the price of gas. End the day with a meal at a reasonable priced restaurant such as Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel. Let the seniors know they will need extra money for their meal and any souvenir they purchase.

Take the seniors on a luncheon cruise. Many rivers and lakes will have short sightseeing cruises that last from 2 - 3 hours long. Cincinnati, Ohio has two riverboat cruises as of 2011. Remember seniors are usually on a budget.  Take the sightseeing cruise without the luncheon if cost is a factor. Check online for cruises nearby if you don´t know of one in your area.

Find a city or state park and take the seniors for a walk. Visit the park or call in advance to verify that the trails are paved. Many seniors may have trouble walking on uneven ground plus you and your helpers would be unable to push a wheelchair in such conditions. Hire a nature guide or see if one is provided.  End the day with a picnic. Find out if your group has any diet or food restrictions and plan the picnic accordingly.

Buy several of the same board game. Have a tournament with the winner receiving a prize. Seniors love to play Bingo. Go to a party store to find a Bingo game that will work for your group. Have a carry-in lunch in which each senior brings their own side dish and you provide the meats and drink. Find music from the era that the senior grew up in and keep it playing in the background.

By providing special activities for seniors you are letting them know they are not a forgotten part of society and are worth every minute of time you spend with them.