In 2005 he was ranked on the TV Guide list of the top 50 sexiest actors of all-time. I definitely do not think that James Gandolfini is sexy, but he is one great actor. He was ranked number 28 on the list of the sexiest actors of all-time. If he was just a regular guy working down at the convenience store on the corner then you never would probably not think he was one of the sexiest men in America.

In high school James was voted the hottest student in his schools yearbook but those days are long gone. What is sexy about Gandolfini is his amazing acting skills.

My favorite role from was Tony Soprano. Everybody seemed to love the Sopranos television show on HBO. He is clearly a talented and a very versatile actor but his best acting seems to come from playing Tony Soprano. James Gandolfini plays Tony so well that we begin to think that he is Tony Soprano in real life. How did he become such an amazing actor?

High School Plays

He began his acting career like many other people do by acting in plays at his high school. When James Gandolfini attended high school at Park Ridge High School in New Jersey. After high school James Gandolfini attended Rutgers University. It is vital for a great actor to have actor training classes regardless of how experienced they are.


He has had numerous roles but he is best-known for his role playing the mafia kingpin Tony Soprano. The Role of Tony Soprano won James.G.  numerous professional accolades including 3 Emmys.

Although the character of Soprano is a fictional he is based heavily on the real life Mafia gangster Vincent Palermo.

Actor Training

Gandolifini attended the Gately Poole Conservatory actor training which gave him a “total submersion” into the World of acting. The training payed off because James has gone on to star in numerous roles and is a very high in demand actor. His skill as a top actor was also displayed on the movie “The Last Castle”.

The Real Guy

Many people seem to think that the real life character is similar to the character that he played on the Sopranos. The truth though is that James Gandolfini is nothing like Tony Soprano in real life. James Gandolfini describes himself as a "260-pound Woody Allen".