We often look at politicians as actors who are simply saying what they need to in order to get votes; however, there have been numerous actors who became politicians. Here are some of the well-known actors who became involved in politics.

Ronald Reagan

It is still hard to fathom that this young California Hunk went from acting to Governor of California and then on to become President of the United States. Ronald Reagan acted in numerous roles. Among his most famous movies was Bedtime for Bonzo, Kings Row, and Knute Rockne, All American.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In many ways you could say that Arnold Schwarzenegger was following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan. Arnold Schwarzenegger became a famous actor and then ran for Governor of California and won. The only thing that kept Arnold Schwarzenegger from running for President of the United States is that he is not a natural born citizen. If Arnold Schwarzenegger and his strong accent can become a famous actor from acting classes then so can you.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura

Jesse "The Body" Ventura has had a successful career as a pro wrestler and an actor. He is still doing acting and television work but his most important role may have been when he decided to run for Governor of Minnesota and won the race.

George Murphy

George Murphy is not as well-known as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger but he was the original actor turned political. George Murphy sung and danced in many Hollywood Musical Productions. He was a famous entertainer at the time who was widely recognized. George Murphy was like the Tom Cruise of his day except you would never catch George Murphy jumping up and down on Oprah’s Couch. George Murphy was a great actor because he was an actor immersed in his training.

In 1953 George Murphy got involved in politics as chairman of the California Republican State Central Committee and then in 1964 Murphy was elected as a senator.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is definitely a famous actor but many people are not aware of his stint as a politician. We know that Clint Eastwood likes to talk to empty chairs but he also was a politician at one time. Clint Eastwood wanted to avenge the local board of his town Carmel, California.

Caramel was a wealthy enclave town in California and they had a few laws that were seemingly very stupid and odd. One of the laws that was on the books in Carmel was a ban forbidding eating ice-cream cones in public. Clint Eastwood was able to get the overturned. Today if you ever go to Carmel and eat an ice-cream cone in public you can thank Clint Eastwood for his political service.

Sonny Bono

Sonny Bono was a very successful actor and singer. He is best known for singing with his wife Cher. Eventually Sonny Bono and his wife Cher divorced, but they continued to sign together periodically. Sonny Bono got upset that Palm Springs would not approve him for a permit to open a restaurant. He took his frustration out by running for mayor of Palm Springs and winning. Sonny Bono was very successful as Mayor of Palm Springs. Sonny Bono went on to win a senate election.