Most Awarded Actors Of All Time

Based On Number Of Academy Awards Won

Being nominated for an Academy Award is one of the highest honors in the film industry.  Winning an Oscar is the greatest achievement that an actor can accomplish.  Here is a list of actors with the most Academy Awards of all time:

Jack Nicholson

We all remember the scene in Stephen King's The Shining where Jack Nicholson's character has finally lost it and is typing away at that old typewriter the iconic line "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".  With twelve nominations and three Oscars, including two for Best Actor (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and As Good As It Gets, Nicholson is absolutely one of the most talented actors of our time.

Spencer Tracy

Like Jack Nicholson, Tracy has two Oscars for Best Actor to his name.  He was nominated nine times and enjoyed amazing success both on and off the screen.  Actors like Tracy paved the way for many of the others on this list.

Marlon Brando

Brando is most famous for his work in A Streetcar Names Desire, but many argue that his most iconic role is in the film The Godfather, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Actor.  During his lifetime, Brando received eight nominations and two Oscars.  Both as a young sex symbol and a mature older man who portrayed the gangster lifestlye perfectly, Brando is absolutely on of the best actors of all time.

Jack Lemmon

An oldy but a goody!  This American actor starred in many films, including Glengarry Glen Ross, Grumpy Old Men, and Save the Tiger.  He has eight Academy Award nominations and two Oscars, earning him a spot on our list.

Dustin Hoffman

Hoffman’s hard work and raw talent have awarded him seven Oscar nominations and two Academy Awards.  He does comedy.  He does drama.  He does it all.  He won Best Actor for his roles in Kramer vs. Kramer and Rain Man

Robert De Niro

One of the most well known actors on the list, De Niro versatility has landed him in both dramatic and comedic roles.  He has six Oscar nominations and two Academy Awards, including Best Actor for his work in the 1980 film, Raging Bull.

Well now you know which actors have received the most Academy Awards.  These men are arguably the best actors of our time and will go down in history as some of the most talented performers of all time.  Of course, it is also important to recognize the most talented actresses as well!