No matter how great the actor or actress, there are some are some projects that they just should have stayed away from. Projects that are career killers, the kind of bad movies that that once the critics deem it stupid then you are pretty much laughed your way right out of Hollywood. However, usually they projects seem pretty alright, awesome even, but half way through they just are turning out terrible. When you are an actor or actress in Hollywood, you can't just quit a project half way through. These actors should be given respect because they saw it through to the bitter end. At least they are not quitters and divas like other Hollywood talent that drop projects right in the middle because they don't like it.

geena davis in cutthroat island

Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island

After packing down such hits as Beetlejuice, Thelma and Louise and A League of Their Own, Geena Davis was looking like a major starlit in the Hollywood community. She was pulling in both cash and movie offers left and right. however, when your husband asks you to star in a movie, you just can't say no. And so Geena Davis agreed to star in her husband Renny Harlin's 1995 movie Cutthroat Island that turned into one of Hollywood's most infamous flops.

Cutthroat Island didn't just undo Geena Davis' stardom, but financially bankrupted the production company Carolco Pictures, which caused it to close. It also is deemed responsible for the death of the pirate movie genre, that has only since revived with Pirates of the Caribbean, but directors still find pirate movies a bit taboo. All because of this movie. It's a rabid murderer, but when not taken seriously, amazingly funny.

Geena Davis later found work via television shows, but she has yet to be on the big screen again.

lori petty in tank girl

Lori Petty in Tank Girl

Most people forgot Lori Petty completely, she wasn't exactly that big of a star to begin with. However, her fame was just budding after A League of Their Own and In The Army Now. She played vibrant, independent and energetic women with a passion, like she owned it. However, Tank Girl would effectively end her movie career for a long time afterwards.

The movie was based on a comic book by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett that focused on a punk badass girl and her tank. The comic book was weird and it spoke to a niche of fans. however, turn a weird comic that only a handful of fans like, you end up with a weird movie that just weird's people out. Because of the weirdness and possibly because of the strong lesbian overtones (this was the 90's after all) a lot of viewers were strongly turned off to the movie. It flopped at the box office and reeled Petty into obscurity. I personally liked Tank Girl, I thought it was fun and it had a musical number, but maybe I am strange that way.

Regardless, Lori Petty has had some bit part roles on a few popular television shows, and even made a movie comeback in 2001, but none of the movies did very well. In fact, they are all very obscure. T'is a shame, I have always like Lori Petty.

jamie kennedy in some of the mask

Jamie Kennedy in The Son of The Mask

I can't say I am sorry that Son of the Mask killed Jamie Kennedy's career, I found him grating and annoying. However, he should have known better than to star in the sequel to the hit Jim Carrey movie. You know a sequel that doesn't even have a single actor from the original movie, not even the same dog, is going to be a bad idea. 2005's Son of the Mask proves this theory.

The horrible special effects, the bordered heavily on the line of unintentionally scary, as well the strongly disliked main character manchild (played by Kennedy) made this movie only pull in about half of what it took to make the film. It is by far considered one of the worst movies, definitely the worst sequels ever made. It also officially made Jamie Kennedy one of the most hated stars in comedy since Pauly Shore, but some of Kennedy's other shows helped do that as well. Like Malibu's Most Wanted or the Jamie Kennedy Show. Yeah, it was probably a combination of those. They inspire terrible memories from all.

Brandon Routh in Superman Returns

Brandon Routh in Superman Returns

Honestly, everyone in Hollywood should know about the "superman" curse by now. It is said that those who play Superman in any of the movies are doomed to not have careers afterwards. Hollywood directors have even chimed in on this saying that once you are Superman that is all that viewers can see you as. Henry Cavill should find this out soon enough after Man of Steel.

However, Brandon Routh had it rough. he was not only pegged as Superman, but he was pegged as Superman in a horrible flop of a Superman movie. He was by no means a terrible actor in the movie, but the movie itself was meant to revive the superhero franchise, but instead to almost killed it.

Routh managed to bounce back a few times, like for example in Scott Pilgram Vs. The World, however mostly he has retreated to television roles like Chuck and Partners. However, he is likeable on both shows, so he may be able to work his way back up to the big screen.

Mike Myers in The Love Guru

Mike Myers in The Love Guru

After reaching the pinnacle of success in the Austin powers series and Shrek, Mike Myers should have just took his millions and had a long vacation. When you fly so high, you will always drop eventually. The Love Guru was that eventually. The critics absolutely slammed that movie into the ground calling it unfunny (a death sentence for a comedy movie) as well as vulgar and needlessly racist. The Love Guru pretty much spelled the end for Mike Myer's career in comedy.

However, he has been waving around the prospect of Austin Powers 4, so there's that. however, will we still have a taste for Mike Myers comedy or have we all outgrown it? I mean, is it still funny when actors make a sexual innuendo and look at the camera coyly? that's the real question.