Alternative medicine/healing is fast becoming mainstream. It wasn't too long ago that alternative medicine was consider kooky and only done by hacks.  Nowadays (and a large part of it because of the internet where the truth can come out), more and more people are waking up to the potential of natural treatments, and leading the charge is healing through subtle and non-invasive energies.

The paradigm shift is slowly drifting away from the traditional western medicine approach toward treatment and "cures". Western medicine come from a Newtonian standpoint where issues originates from their components. From the premise formed the prespective that disease is isolated to individual organs rather than looking at disease holistically.  In reality, health and wellness shows us that everything is connected, one aspect that remains imbalanced will have spill-over affects on others. These issues often manifest through symptoms in our bodies and only by listening to it can we start to interpret it.

One of the leading ways in energy healing is acupressure or acupuncture treatment. This ancient technique was discovered and used by the Chinese many centuries ago. Consistent with many Eastern way of healing, the human body is made up of channels of energy and the intersections are called Meridians. These points co-located in the body and the etherel energy  gives the Qi or soul energy to power the body. When the energy flows, the body is in health.  The reverse is when there are blockages and results is disharmony.  Acupressure and acupuncture help unblock these areas to help this flow of Qi again.

The best way that one can heal is by allowing the body to come to healing all on its own. The body is one of the most amazing tools and gifts that we have. It is an intricate community of organ and cells that work uniformly to make sure our bodies are at their optimum. The body, when given enough space and proper inputs, can heal all on its own.


Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mats - The Non-Invasive Way to Stimulate our Meridians

The most natural way to include healing in our lives is to ensure:

  1. We remain non-invasive with our healing techniques.
  2. We use these healing techniques for the up-keep of our bodies (passive healing).

Two healing techniques fit these criteria in my opinion. One of the best ways is through the use of an Acupressure Mat. (This mat has been promoted on the Dr. Oz show.)

The best way to stimulate our meridians is through a passive way.  By following the passive way of lying on the mat we can restore our bodies while ensuring we don't overdo them. This integrates well with my life (and hopefully yours) at the same time this fully integrates with everyone's schedule by being able to use these during sleep.

Many possible health and therapeutic benefits: Stress Relief, Promotes Deep Sleep, Alleviates Back & Neck Pain, and Endorphin Energy boost.

How to use the Himalaya Acupressure Mat