There are many myths involving acupuncture one of them is the myth of its origin. A Soldier accidentally discovered the link between his shoulder and his leg in a battle. If we are to believe one particularly antique Chinese legend, thousands of years ago in ancient China, a soldier suffered from a painful stiff shoulder, what we now refer to as a ‘frozen shoulder’. His ‘healer’ tried his best and prescribed every herb he knew of, but in vain. With all the treatment that might have been available in that age the healer couldn’t help the soldier heal the pain. The soldier had to accept the shoulder pain as a part of his body and had to live with this continuous pain. And he would have most probably lived his entire life. However, destiny couldn’t have it this way, either for the soldier in particular, or for the mankind in general. A miracle occurred during a war that changed the course of medicinal history. The soldier was shot in the leg by an enemy archer and suddenly he realised his shoulder which had been painful and stiff for so many years, had cured. He could move his shoulder freely again and it was painless.

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When the war ended, the soldier returned to his hamlet and told his healer how the arrow had miraculously cured his frozen shoulder. The healer examined his leg precisely but was puzzled how an arrow shot in the leg could cure a frozen shoulder that he couldn’t heal. Luckily there was another patient waiting who had suffered of the same ailment for quite long. He demanded the healer to do the same with him. Though the healer thought it to be a silly idea, he had to give in to the patients cribbing and to his own curiosity. He took an arrow and jabbed it cautiously into the patient's leg, precisely at the same spot where the soldier had been shot. Within a few minutes, the pain in his shoulder vanished as if it had never been there. The patient could now move his shoulder without any pain.

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This cure was rather promising and effective. No one would mind a few days pain in turn for a life term of relief from frozen shoulder. The healer became popular in no time for his specialization in treating frozen shoulder completely. Gradually people started visiting him for treatments of other ailments and gradually after much practice the healer acquired the knowledge to heal other ailments without any medicines.

To make the treatment more effective and less scary arrows were replaced by needles to stimulate the acupuncture points. The technique has advanced beyond anything that the ancient healer could even imagine. In present scenario doctors use the 21st century technique of laserpuncture which achieves the same result as its predecessors, needle and arrow. It uses just a beam of light, is more accurate and effective than the traditional method.