Acupunture is an ancient Chinese medical alternative used to cure many ailments. The acupuncture procedure involves inserting needles into various areas of the body and then manipulating them to relive pain or use it for treating other disorders.

Current statistics show that seventy percent of adults, in the US, who smoke want to quit, and will attempt to quit two to three times before finally kicking the habit. For some, when conventional methods fail, an alternative therapy is often approached. Nowadays, acupunture is gaining popularity as a technique to stop smoking. Many who have tried it, have reported positive results.

During treatments, various sized needles are placed into regions of the body that affect the energy flow of the respiratory system. Cravings for nicotine are reduced significantly when the needles are stimulated. Acupunture will also alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, jitters, and anxiety. The number of treatments required vary from patient to patient. Typically, a session can last from five to thirty minutes, either once or twice a week. It can take up to six months for the treatment to be successful. Studies have shown that acupuncture treatments have greatly reduced the taste for tobacco in patients. When a craving does hit, applying gentle pressure on the acupunture point on the ear, will eliminate the craving.

Despite the use of needles, acupuncture is painless. The greatest benefit of this technique is that there are no side effects. For an effective treatment, smokers should attend all sessions without any gaps. Nicotine replacement therapy or hypnosis may also be suggested, as it works even better with the acupuncture treatment to stop smoking. The practitioner may also suggest a dietary change for maximum benefit of the treatment. One such change is consuming plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as this will help neutralize the nicotinic acid in the blood. Avoid junk food, especially sugar and coffee as this will aggrevate smoking withdrawal symptoms. Green tea has shown to be effective in reducing nicotine cravings when drunk daily. Use breathing exercises to increase oxygen input into the body and exercise more. In addition, keep hydrated throughout the day. Some research studies have shown that a dry mouth, will cause more intense nicotine cravings.

If you believe that you are a candidate to try a stop smoking program, be sure to find a licensed acupuncture practitioner. Your family practitioner will be able to provide you with a list. Some insurance programs will even pay for your treatment sessions, so be sure to check with your insurance provider.