Adam4Adam Mobile:
Fully featured mobile version of the site on any cell phone. Adam4adam on your phone is easy, quick, and adds a bit of discretion to your antics. No nosy room mates snooping through your laptop, to find this website on your book marks. Nope!
There is a "Visitors" section. This is where you can see people who are going to stop by your city and for how long they are staying. This can add some flare into your blackbook of gay hookups and dating.
Adam4adam Live:
There is also a live, web cam service with hot models. I think this is what gives the dating website an edge. It is highly interactive with messages and video that the site does not only become a gay dating site, but a gay social networking site. Albeit, to see the more "exclusive" parts in a video session, you have to pay; but overral, it is definitely a different aspect compared to other dating sites.


Relationship?: It will be hard, but the cute, romantic, gay guys are out there!

Full Review

It seems that any and every gay man has had heard, or has log in to the social networking website called adam4adam. Log into Adam4adam-also nicknamed "a4a"-and you will definitely see how this might be different to other gay dating sites. You will not find a website like adam4adam; for efficiency seems to be key. The trend is not only obvious in its clean and cut interface, but also in the way that users interact with each other. There are hundreds of thousands of men on the website, and they are looking for one thing and one thing only. Men will be men, as they say. However, this site has potential for the gay love birds to find their gay romance. I recommend you quickly pick up this book from; which is chokeful of information and tips on successful online dating. Itll help you sift through the junk, increase your chances to finding Mr. Right, and help you in finding a few of those lucrative gay gems out there!

One very cool feature of this website, is that there is adam4adam mobile. The adam4adam on your mobile device is fully packed with all the features that you would think only a full internet browser was capable of rendering. But nope- you can look up for local gay men, add friends, and even respond to your messages. I tend to use it on my Blackberry phone, and the mobile version of the device works beautifully.

Dating Potential: Log into adam4adam and you will see that there are no sites like adam4adam. The fast paced messaging and interactions between the gays on the site is very different than if you were on other gay dating sites like Manhunt, Justguys, or Queerty. You can search people by height, weight, race, athletic build, and location. Snagging a guy to date is a bit tricky, you will definitely have to brush up on your gay social skills. Remember, flattery and a bit of flirting can get you anywhere in life!

The...Other Type of "Potential": Yes. There is a lot of (hot) men on the site. And most are all too willing to come over...and play monopoly. If you need a trick for the night, don't look any further.

In Closing

I recommend that you join Adam4Adam if youre looking for a quick trick. But if youre more romantically inclined, I still recommend you join the website, but just realize that it is going to be harder for you to extract a satisfactory experience. Leave me comments, suggestions, or any kind of concerns that you may have.