Adam RichmanAdam Richman and Man vs. Food

If you don't know about Adam Richman or the T.V. show "Man vs. Food," you're really missing out. Adam Richman, a 36 year-old guy from New York, is known for having worked in nearly every area in the food industry. Through experience, he became an expert on food and also became a trained sushi chef.

The T.V. Show: Man vs. Food (found on the Travel Channel)

The show itself is about Adam's adventures around the country, trying restaurants in various cities and eating just about every kind of food imaginable. Here's the catch: in each episode, he undertakes a challenge of epic proportions. The challenges usually involve eating massive quantities of food or food of great difficulty (such as extremely spicy food). In any given city, Adam seeks out the "big food" challenges offered by restaurants to the public. Usually the challenges Adam faces are ones that other people have undergone before. The difference is, Adam tends to be more successful than the average person.

You might be thinking that he always succeeds, just like the hero of any challenge on T.V. You'd be surprised to know that this isn't the case. He only succeeds in roughly 60-70% of his challenges. When he loses, you can see that he's exhausted and nearly disgusted, but he very honorably accepts defeat. You have to wonder how close he lets himself get to feeling sick, because you don't ever see him vomit or appear to be overtaken by the food.

Example of Adam's Challenges

  • 48 oz. steak in less than 20 minutes
  • A six pound, 2 foot-long burrito in less than 90 minutes
  • A 2-gallon sundae consisting of 8 scoops of ice cream, 8 different toppings, and 8 servings of whipped cream in under 60 minutes
  • An entire plate of 14-inch diameter pancakes (which weighed 4 pounds) in less than 90 minutes

Man vs. Food: How Does Adam Stay Alive?

As you might imagine, Adam consumes an incredible amount of fat and calories throughout each of these challenges. Although he is slightly "husky," he manages to stay away from obesity. There's no magic secret to this, however.

In order to maintain his health while he faces these challenges on Man vs. Food, he exercises twice per day. When possible, he barely eats the day before a challenge and tries to stay extremely hydrated. This is what he claims allows him to be able to eat massive quantities of food. Even though he does this, it's still uncertain whether or not he's healthy in terms of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Even if he keeps himself from gaining a lot of weight, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's healthy.

Go Watch the Show!

To learn more about Adam and Man vs. Food, you need to see the show for yourself. There may be times when you want to look away, but the show is generally very enjoyable. You find yourself rooting for him as he takes on these massive challenges, which is a lot of fun to experience.

Perhaps this could even help you kick start your diet. After watching Adam eat massive amounts of food, you may not want to eat for awhile!