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Adams v. Jefferson, the Tumultuous Election of 1800

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1.)      What were some social characteristics of post-Revolutionary America and do Aaron Burr and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney represent some of the new trends appearing during this time?

A social characteristic of the post-revolutionary America is America coming together as a whole to work together to keep a more perfect union.  Aaron Burr showed this characteristic because he was very dedicated to what he did in order to keep America together.  Charles Pinckney made very important contributions to the US constitution.

2.)      How did Adams and Jefferson differ in their attitudes towards social revolution?

Thomas Jefferson was considered the revolution leader.  He started the Virginia committee of correspondence and Summary view of the rights of British America.  Adams was one of the people who discovered the momentous Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolution.  Adams and Jefferson were in constant conflict; they were in sense enemies.

 3.)      How did Adams and Jefferson differ in their political ideologies?

Adams was a diplomat for the new republic.  In 1785 he became the first American Minister to London. Jefferson was famous as a champion of political and religious freedom, yet he was a slaveholder.

 4.)      Why did John Adams prefer a strong executive office?

Adams was not supposed to succeed Washington, Hamilton was the expected to be winner.  He was honest and showed stubborn integrity because he felt he needed to prove himself.  At the end of his term he was deeply respected but not popular. 

 5.)      Why was 1786 a “pivotal year” in America’s history?

From 1784-1786 Jefferson and James Madison worked together to oppose Patrick Henry’s tries to stop taxes in Virginia to support churches.  Instead Virginia passed Jefferson’s bill for religious freedom.1786 was the year the act for establishing religious freedom became a law.

 6.)      What was Hamiltonianism?

Hamiltonianism is the political believes based on Alexander Hamilton’s opinion of what a government should be like.   The beliefs are based on a strong central government, encouragement of an industrial and commercial economy and a general distrust of the political capacity or wisdom of the common man.  The beliefs also consist of a broad interpretation of the federal constitution.

 7.)      How did Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson differ in their political ideologies?

Hamilton believed in a strong central government, encouragement of an industrial and commercial economy and a general distrust of the political capacity or wisdom of the common man.  Jefferson was famous as a champion of political and religious freedom, yet he was a slaveholder.

 8.)      What were the three choices made before Adams became president that had an impact on the tenure of his office and what was the result of the impact? (longer answer necessary to answer this question properly)

The first choice he made was running for the commissioner of France, where he accomplished basically nothing.  He than went to Massachusetts constitutional convention where he was a major part of.  The second bad choice he made was going back to France where he than quarreled with Vergennes and defeated his purpose of assisting Benjamin Franklin in his peace efforts.  The third choice he made was becoming one of the negotiators of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolution.  He eventually called for his own recall, which discouraged his diplomatic career.  This all lead to him becoming a respected president but not a popular president. 

  9.)      Do you see any parallels between Adams’ handling of the Quasi-War with France and Bush’s handling of the Iraq war?

Both Adams and Bush tried to make peace and resolve the problems they had with the other countries.  They both sent people over to talk to officials, and in both cases their missions failed.  Both of them decided to declare war shortly after the meetings.

 10.)    How did partisan politics play a major role in Adam’s presidency?

The partisan politics played a major role in the Adam’s presidency because he must function somewhere between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson in order to be successful.  The only way he new he could succeed was to have partisan in his beliefs of the way economics.  Partisan politics was a very popular in politics; most people followed it.

 11.)   With specific examples, how did Alexander Hamilton negatively impact Adams’ presidency?

There were little personal likings between Hamilton and Adams even though they led the federalists.  The constitution did not provide the election of the president and vice president to be on separate ballots.  So when there was a tie between Jefferson and Burr for Hamilton’s influence caused Jefferson president and Burr vice president instead of Adams.

 12.)   How were the Republicans able to win support (especially in New York city) in previously Federalist areas during the Election of 1800?

The Republicans threatened they would start a civil was if the Federalists did not vote Jefferson as president. In the end a secret deal changed one vote that handed Jefferson the presidency. 

 13.)  How did the Mazzei letter help Federalists bring negative propaganda against Jefferson and the Republicans?

The Mazzei letter was a paragraph taken from Jefferson’s friendly letter to Phillip Mazzei about his new lingering business that was published while Jefferson was vice president.  Jefferson made some criticisms about the Federalists before his vice presidency that haunted him throughout his years.   Jefferson defended the letter by saying his words were misinterpreted and mistranslated. 

 14.)    Why was there talk of civil war during the Election of 1800?

There was very high tension between the Republicans and the Federalists party.  The Republicans were very determined to win the election.  In order to guarantee they would win the Republicans threatened a civil war if the Federalists did not vote Jefferson to be president. 

 15.)  What were some of the political and social changes that American experienced because of Revolution of 1800?

The biggest political change was the distant government became a local one.  The social changes occurred throughout the world including Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and France.  The revolution let the people know and become educated about politics.  This then influenced the social change. 



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