For as long as anyone can remember the human race has always wanted to figure out how to live in the present moment. In order to live in “the now,” we must first learn to live with changes associated with past experiences and future experiences to come. When it comes to selecting a lifestyle in the present moment there is 4 aspects to consider. These 4 aspects maybe used to define a personality with ease. These 4 attributes are called the 4Cs Method and they are Character, Creativity, Confidence and Contradictions.

Before I demonstrate each of these aspects allow me to help you recall the history for the Character, Creativity, Confidence and ContradictionsCredit: @PinewoodPaladin4Cs Method. If you take a quick peek at the Past Experiences of lifestyles you will notice that our civilization has always had a fascination for searching. Characters look for Creativity and Creativity answers our questions. Confidence is defined by our Contradictions, and most importantly our Contradictions help us question our Character. As you can see these 4Cs interact with each other like a cycle.

Let us fast forward into the future of these aspects and imagine yourself being the person you said you are today. Do you recognize your future self? Since I can’t tell if you said yes or no I’ll help you use the 4Cs Method to verify your future self. If you don’t feel you have a lot of confidence then consider finding out what are your contradictions. Everyone deals with self-deception in a unique way to reduce deception is to increase perception. Illusions must defeat illusions just like magic must defeat magic.

Now that you know the basics the rest of this information can be recalled at any time your heart desires. Knowledge is made to be shared and I hope this makes you wiser.

4. Contradiction – The two major contradictions that live within the human mind are Altruism and Egotism. In many other observations these two aspects may also be referred to as Qualitative and Quantitative. When these contradictions are balanced a Character can live in harmony with others with ease.

3. Confidence – Confidence occurs when a Character finds his/her own creative way of interacting with the world. In order to experience this aspect an individual is obligated to learn for the greater good of his or her environment. Let it be known that this aspect is more of a “practice” than an end result.

2. Creativity – Creativity is all about expression your thoughts. When a person is allowed to express the originality of his/her own thoughts miraculous things begin to happen. Creativity is often classified by its altruistic & egotistical point of view and the end goal is always to be shareable.

1. Character – This aspect is by far the most favored due to the fact that it is the end result of creativity, confidence and contradictions. This aspect showcases a ratio of reputation, recognition and acceptance. Without this aspect communication, business and networking will not function properly.