A quality metal or wooden coat rack with shelf can make a fine addition to any entry way whether to your home or business. Coats after all are not the only items that can be stored on a coat rack and in warmer weather climates people still have jackets, scarves, umbrella, and other accessories which can be conveniently stored at or near your front door for ease of finding on the way out of the house. And for those businesses with small waiting rooms a coat rack with shelf can be a great convenience to people entering from the cold or rainy weather.

Black Hanging Coat Hook With ShelfThere are of course many different types of entry way coat racks. The standard hall tree coat rack has been a long time favorite of many people for generations on end. They are tall and narrow and usually fit in most spaces and they tend to have a versatility to them unparalleled by many fancier coat racks. Similarly a hanging coat rack with shelf attached to the wall can be quite versatile and can even keep more of your floor space open making your entry way feel larger and less cluttered.

Opting for a wall mounted coat rack will obviously have its drawbacks. Unlike the hall tree the wall hung coat rack will not usually have the same coat hanging capacity as the coat hooks are aligned flat against the wall rather than tiered and in a circle surrounding the coat rack stand. Most wall mounted coat racks only have three to five hooks which may or may not be separated with enough space to hang hats as well as coats however these types of coat racks do tend to have a couple extra features that are lacking in hall trees.

Coat Rack Shelves vs Standing Coat Racks

Brown Metal Coat Stand With Umbrella BasketThe wall hung coat racks with shelves offer superior versatility compared to free standing coat rack stands because of the storage shelf and cabinet that is sometimes built right into the wall furnishing. Many people are familiar with the term 'landing strip' as it describes an area of designated for a person to unload all of their accoutrements as they enter their home. The entryway coat rack with built in self system often accomplishes this task for a homeowner without them having to get a separate piece of furniture.

To illustrate the benefits of having a landing strip in your entry way all you really have to do is think back to all the times in which you were ready to leave the house but couldn't find your keys, wallet, cell phone, or other miscellaneous pocket accessories. With a shelf or storage space right at your entry way you can easily drop off all your accessories on the way in the front door so that you never lose them and always have them handy for when you leave. Building this type of space right into a coat rack is even more handy as the coat is the one common garment that also come with you when you leave the house and gets immediately removed when you return home.

Hall Tree Coat Rack With Bench & Shelf - The Best Of The Best

Hall Tree Coat Rack With Storage BenchAnother feature that wall mounted coat racks tend to have over their hall tree brethren is a built in storage bench or seating area. As previously stated the coat is not the only item that is often stored on or near a coat rack or hall tree. Often times outdoor shoes are stored in these areas as are umbrellas, sweaters, scarves, gloves, and hats. Many coat racks that have built in shelves also are designed as part of a greater piece of furniture. Many smaller pieces are meant to be hung on the wall in an entry way but larger and more versatile options are designed to be stand alone pieces of furniture with built in seating and bench storage.

These are particularly interesting and handy coat racks to have because they can offer all functions you may need for an entryway in one well designed piece of furniture. The coat rack and shelf can site above the attached bench and the seat of the bench can open up to store items like outdoor shoes, sweaters, or whatever else may be appropriate. Under the bench or built into the side of the bench accessory storage for umbrellas or shoes are common and the landing strip is typically available on the shelf on tope.

Oak Hall Tree With Storage BenchIf you really want the best coat rack with shelf system these furniture pieces are the best way to go although they are the most expensive and they require the most amount of floor space possible. The best bet for most people is to buy smaller wall hung coat racks and either matching or attached shelf systems to keep only the necessities out in the open without taking up too much floor space. Also the standard hall tree has long been a favorite entry way piece of furniture for generations due to its simplicity and versatility. Although it doesn't come with a built in shelf it can easily be paired with a stand alone shelf at its side.

Most standard furniture and home furnishing stores have plenty of basic options in the coat rack sections. Basic items including hall tree coat stands and wall mounted coat rack systems are included in this category however bigger and bolder options such as coat rack storage systems with attached shelves and bench seating can be much more difficult to find in stores in any significant variety.

For variety shopping options for bigger wall mounted coat racks with shelves or for more variety and price comparison purposes in the all encompassing coat rack bench storage furnishings a lot of your shopping will have to take place online at big online retailers like Amazon or with smaller and more specialized retailers like Sun House Coat Hooks, Home Furniture Showroom, or The Pottery Barn which all focus on decorative and functional home furnishings which would be appropriate for both the home and the office. Shopping online at these types of stores will not only give you more options to choose from but price comparisons and finding deals can be much easier as well.