"A clean music library is a good music library" is what my mom used to say, well not really. But, album art does give your iTunes library and your iPod a much more clean and sophisticated look. This guide will show you how to easily add album art to your music in two different ways.

Things You Will Need

iTunes on your computer.
An internet connection.
An iTunes account. It is easier to get album art with an iTunes account but there is another way to still get the same effect.
If you have iTunes account, do steps 1-4. If you don't do steps 5-9.

Step 1

No artwork Open iTunes and log into your account if you are not already logged in.

Step 2

Select all songs Click on one of the songs and on your keyboard push Ctrl + A. This will select all of your music.

Step 3

Right click Right-click the highlighted text and click 'Get Album Art'

Step 4

Artwork appears All the artwork will now appear. To get the art onto your iPod, sync your iPod. If you get an error like the one shown in the picture, go on to manually add album art.

Step 5

Right click song To manually add artwork, find the songs that you don't have artwork for and right click them. Then click on Get Info.

Step 6

Artwork tab A box should pop up, click on the Artwork tab.

Step 7

Open your internet and go to Google.com

Step 8

Find art Search images for the album of the song. Find the image of the album art.

Step 9

Drag Drag the album art into the box under the Artwork tab. Then click OK
If you followed both these steps correctly, you should have gotten all your album art working perfectly.

Tips & Warnings