Pineapple DoorbellCredit: Amazon, Inc.Decorative doorbells can be the perfect solution to adding a little personal style to your front door. I am going to concentrate my musings this time on the electric version while we save non-electric alternatives such as knockers and chimes for another article.

Most people have that familiar white round or square button that people push to get the attention of whoever is in the house, but a lot of people don’t realize that there are better styles available. Today you can find pieces to put next to your door that will add charm and elicit numerous compliments and praise from visitors as soon as you answer that familiar ringing sound. They really will brighten up your whole front porch and kids will notice them instantly.

Variety Really Is the Spice of Lifegecko (35130)

Choices are numerous and can range from the traditional to the whimsical or even vintage pieces. Size, color and shape are widely varied as well. While the bigger box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s will always have a nice selection to choose from, you need to do an online search to get to see some of the more unique doorbells. Below are just a small selection of choices that are available in today’s market.

• Beautiful painted pieces cast in enamel or resin that can take the form of geckos, starfish, lighthouses, fish, grapes, flamingos, crosses, aliens, dragons, frogs, skulls, and much too many more to mention here.

• Numerous designs are available in many different finishes and made from several different types of material. Some of these include steel, copper, antique brass, brushed nickel, bronze, pewter and others.

• Some have stone or stone-like back plates that mimic marble, slate, quartz, and more.

Things to Consider Before Making a PurchaseFleur_de_Lis_doorbellCredit: Amazon, Inc.

• Be sure to closely look at the size dimensions to make sure the one you purchase will fit next to your door. Many people think that doorbell covers are small (and some are), but there are a lot out there that are quite large.

• There will probably be a little wire work that you will have to do to install the piece, but doorbells are a low voltage system and most installations are quite simple. You may also have to drill some holes to secure the new doorbell if the old holes do not line up. If a hole is a little too big for the screw you can either put a small wooden dowel in it for the screw to grab on to or use a plastic wall anchor.

• Some buttons are lighted to make them show up at night and some are not.

• There are generally two types of electronic doorbells available to consumers today, wired and wireless. Wired systems are found in older homes and operate off the household current on a low voltage circuit. Wireless systems do not require any wiring whatsoever and while they operate by using a transmitter and receiver, they also require a 9V battery to make them work.

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